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My name is Amy and I am 35 years old, married for 15 years and have 4 wonderful kids!  We are a Christian couple and have a wonderful marriage, but going into the marriage my husband was very naive about sex and intimacy, and even romance. He came from divorced parents and never saw much affection between them growing up and kind of assumed that after “winning” me over the romance could stop.  

I on the other hand I came from a very loving married parents, that showed a lot of affection and romance and I could tell by their subtle actions that their intimacy was wonderful between them.  I went into marriage expecting things to always be hot, spicy and romantic as probably most women do.

Being a newlywed couple….

My husband and I figured out things pretty fast together as I have felt we have always had pretty good communication. The only thing lacking in our marriage is that I was a little hesitant to tell my husband how I liked to be touched intimately and was hesitant to tell him my bedroom desires as I did not want to offend him in any way or make him think that I was unsatisfied in the bedroom. 

So about a year ago..

I surprised my husband with a sex board game that I bought online. I made sure that it was appropriate and had no graphics. I wanted something to spice things up so that I would desire being intimate as much as he did. What I really wanted was a way to find new things to try that I (as a women) would really enjoy.

The game was exciting, fun, spicy, and had great new ideas and positions to try in the bedroom. The game also really opened up our communication about intimacy and what we both wanted and desired to do to please each other. The game however did NOT have appropriate wording, it was very crude, and super annoying to be playing in the dark with a flashlight or candle and on a bed. I told my husband we needed to invent a game app for a smartphone that was clean, appropriate and virtually hands free and something that had our Christian values as there was we couldn’t find anything like it out there.

During this same time, I had been sitting at lunch with several of my girlfriends.

One of them asked me why I seemed so happy always in our marriage even with all the trials we were going through. I told her “we have lots of sex!”  She was disgusted and told me sex was like a chore to her. I was saddened by her comment.  

A few weeks later I had another girlfriend break into tears telling me that her husband had gotten into pornography and she was devastated, betrayed, and heartbroken to say the least. She said that most likely it had all started with their lack of communication in the bedroom and her not being satisfied with sex, her husband was not pleasing her, and therefore she never desired sex, which led to other issues in their marriage.  

After talking with several ladies on this topic, I have found out that many women do not know how to orgasm,

do not know how to tell their husbands what they want, or don’t even know what they really want, and do not enjoy intimacy the way they could. I believe that sex is a gift from God and that both husband and wife should find ultimate enjoyment in it!  I want every woman in the world to crave being intimate with their husbands as much as I do.

We met with an app developer who is also a Christian with wife and 6 kids, and told him our idea. At first he told us no, and that it was a topic he wasn’t comfortable with. A couple weeks later he called us back and said that after reviewing the game concept and app idea, our idea had absolutely changed he and his wife’s communication and intimate lives.

He said not only would he build the app for us, but also wanted to partner with us and help other couples in their relationships like we had impacted theirs. So…….. Ultimate Intimacy was created and the Ultimate Intimacy App has blessed the hundreds of thousands of marriages since launching in September of 2017!

The response has been overwhelming. We receive comments from couples that say their marriage has completely changed after playing the game a few times and really communicating their wants and desires. Other couples talk about how their intimacy as a whole has improved — they’re talking, sharing, holding hands, and serving each other more than ever.

That’s our mission: to strengthen marriages and help foster genuine connection between husbands and wives.

I believe if a husband and wife are more intimate, their marriage will be stronger, and they will look forward to being intimate as often as they can! Part of that is each spouse understanding what each other needs physically, emotionally and sexually, and “how” to better please their spouse, as well as being able to openly communicate about sex, or other things in their marriage as most problems arise over lack of communication.

If you feel stuck in a rut, and want to reignite the flames in your relationship then check out the Ultimate Intimacy App. The easy navigation toggles between a super fun Game, helpful Resources, Conversation Starters, respectful Positions, and Products to help turn up the heat as well as really deepen your intimacy on so many levels.

To download the app go to ultimateintimacy.com or the app stores

We also offer physical products to help your relationship! Check them out 🔥❤️


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