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This article was written after doing a great podcast with Chris and Jamie Bailey with Expedition Marriage discussing “The 6 things your husband needs” which partially came from a great blog post they wrote on their blog found HERE. We also added a few things of our own. These are easy things to do, and will transform your marriage if you do them.

Check out podcast episode 70 The 6 Things Your Husband Needs From You

Your Husband Needs To Know You Believe In Him (And Support Him)

Your husband needs to know that you believe in him, support him and are behind him. Knowing that you truly care is a big part of what motivates him to do the things he does. When you express your support and belief in him, he will be more open with you and know that he has your support and trust. He will share the things he is doing and be more confident in what he is doing knowing he has your support and belief.

Sexual Intimacy

We have talked about this before, but for most men, their happiness, well being and confidence is tied to sexual intimacy. Sex to a man is literally like food and water which he cannot survive without it. Although he will not physically die, the relationship will starve and die. Sex is the way a man feels loved, needed, and desired and is much more than just the act of sex. Sex is a way to connect emotionally, physically and even spiritually with his wife. What is even more important to a man is knowing that his wife wants him and needs him, and that he can please and satisfy her sexually. Ladies, your husband needs to know the you enjoy being with him physically and connecting with him and that he satisfies you sexually.

He Needs To Know It’s OK To Take Time For Himself

Many husbands (me included) feel guilty for taking time to do things on their own or with friends. We feel like family time and time together as a couple is sacred and men dont like sacrificing that time, but it is vital for them to have time to exercise, have a hobby, or get a way from the stresses of life occasionally and they need to know you are supportive of it.

He Needs To Know You Love And Appreciate Him

Have you ever noticed that people that are very appreciative and openly express it, whether it’s to a waitress at a restaurant, or to their spouse etc are generally very happy people and typically have a happy marriage? When people express gratitude or appreciate when someone does something and they express that, it is amazing how it starts working the other way as well. Sometimes we focus on all the things we dont have and its easy to complain, or to not be grateful or appreciate things, or what we have in life. Your husband needs to hear that you love him and appreciate him so tell him this often and dont assume that he already knows. As you do this, you will be amazed at how much he starts showing gratitude and appreciation for all that you do and will express that.

He Needs To Know You Don’t Hold The Past Against Him

A great quote from Jamie with Expedition Marriage states:

“Wive’s, put down your scoreboards. Us wive’s are so good at remembering all.the.things, and it’s not uncommon for us to dump out that whole bag of past mistakes during every argument. Setting that scoreboard down will not only help your husband, it will also provide great freedom for you from carrying it all around. A husband who believes every mistake will be held over his head is a husband who will likely give up and quit trying, because he starts believing that no matter what he does, you will always find something to be unsatisfied with.”

She also states that your words hold power over your husband’s life and they can speak life and hope, or they can crush his spirit. A husband who feels believed in, empowered and courageous, is a husband who will impact his family greatly.

He Needs Your Prayers

Life is extremely difficult and there are many unique challenges men (and husbands) face on a daily basis. I dont know how people make it through life without help from God. He helps us through challenges, trials, struggles and decisions we make that impact so many things in our lives. Pray for your husband and in the decisions and choices that he makes as they impact your life and family. God is always there for us and all we have to do is ask for his help. Your husband needs His help, and your help as well.

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