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Foreplay is the act of preparing a person or thing for action or attention. The term is derived from the Old French word forer, which means “to prepare.”

Foreplay is a very important part of sex. It’s not just the fun stuff that happens before the real action, it can actually make the whole experience much better, especially for your wife.

Foreplay is a process of physical stimulation that precedes intercourse. It can be performed by a couple before, during or after sexual intercourse. Foreplay may involve touching, kissing and caressing each other’s bodies, as well as using sex toys.

Foreplay is important for a number of reasons

  • It helps you become more relaxed, so you’re less likely to experience stress, discomfort or pain when having sex.
  • It can help you mentally and physically get in the mood for sex.
  • It can make sexual intimacy much more enjoyable.
  • It can help you connect on a deeper level as a couple.
  • It can be ALOT of fun!
  • Helps women get lubricated.

Foreplay can AND SHOULD be fun and intimate, but it also serves an important purpose: It helps women get lubricated for vaginal penetration. Foreplay can also help men last longer during sex.

Foreplay can last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours — and there are lots of ways to make it amazing.

Foreplay can be sexual stimulation that leads to sexual arousal and can include sexual thoughts or actions, kissing, touching and caressing. The period of foreplay should be long enough for both spouses to reach full sexual arousal. Foreplay stimulates both partners’ sexuality, leading to psychological (emotional) and physiological changes that are experienced as sexual arousal.

Some people believe that foreplay is not important, but it actually makes a big difference in the quality of your sex life.

Foreplay can be anything from kissing and hugging to touching each other’s bodies with your hands, lips, and tongue. It can also involve sexual activities like oral sex or manual stimulation (fingering). Some people think that foreplay is just about getting each other ready for penetration, but it’s more than that — it’s about getting both spouses excited about having sexual intimacy together!

The purpose of foreplay is to get your spouse in the mood for sex. As most women have a responsive desire style, this means they have to be turned on and put in the mood before they will have the desire for sexual intimacy. This is why many women are not in the mood for sex, and can only get in the mood through foreplay. If a spouse is not aroused through foreplay, they will often times not enjoy sexual intimacy.

Here are some ideas for foreplay that will help set the mood and make sex more enjoyable

1. Kissing: You don’t need a reason to kiss your spouse — just because! And when you do start making out, don’t rush past this step and head straight for the genitals (unless you’re going there next). Slow down and take time to enjoy each other’s taste and smell; tease with light pecks and soft licks; pull away from each other periodically to look into each other’s eyes; then come back together again with renewed desire.

2. Touching: As with kissing, touch doesn’t have to be sexual — it can simply be about enjoying one another’s bodies in an intimate way. Start by caressing one another’s shoulders or backs, then move on to more sensitive areas like the inner thighs or stomach.

3. Intimate massage: Try giving your spouse an intimate massage with some coconut body oil. Massage, and gently touch their hands, neck, feet and more. Give your spouse a sensual back massage, rubbing their thighs, butt and breasts (or chest). Let your hands explore each others bodies.

NOTE: Remember that women need to have their clitoris stimulated in order to have an orgasm, so foreplay should focus on or around that area as well.

Foreplay is a crucial part of the sexual response cycle. It’s the first step in the “sex process,” and it’s important to understand that foreplay is just as important (if not more) as intercourse. Foreplay can make sex more pleasurable for both husband and wife, and it can increase your chances of getting pregnant if you’re trying to conceive.

In addition to its role in stimulating arousal, foreplay can also be used for purposes other than arousal. Foreplay can be used to build connection between spouses by creating an intimate environment where they feel safe and comfortable being vulnerable with each other. Orgasmic meditation is a great example of this — it helps couples connect with one another on a deeper level while they are exploring their own pleasure together.

Other forms of foreplay

There are other ways to turn your spouse before you even get to the physical part of foreplay. It can start early in the day. Here are some great things you can do.

  1. Surprise your spouse with a sexy text message. Don’t just send any old sext — think outside the box! If you know what turns them on in real life (for example, if they love dirty talk), then use it in your sexts too! 

2) Buy them a gift or their favorite flowers. Show them how romantic you are.

3) Cook them a nice romantic meal.

If you want to have an amazing sex life that you both enjoy to the fullest, you need to make foreplay (not sex) the first thing on your mind. Remember that most women have a responsive desire style which means they will not be in the mood for sex until you get them in the mood through foreplay. Take your time to get them in the mood and drive your spouse crazy, and sex will be much more enjoyable for you both!

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