24 Nov

Are you truly thankful for your husband or wife? Chances are, if you’re going through a rough time with them, you probably aren’t grateful for them or anything they do for you. One of the tips I like to give couples when they are fighting or at odds with each other is to write down things they are thankful for. Not only that, but share with your husband or wife when they do something you are appreciative of. 

thankful for your spouse

Tell Your Spouse Thank You

It may not seem like a big gesture, but it really is. Saying thanks to the people in your life for small things or big things can make a big difference.

Did they bring you a cup of coffee? Tell them thanks…even if you asked them to bring it to you.

Did they help you cook dinner? Say thank you…even if you feel like they should be helping in this area.

Did they go to work and bring home a paycheck? Tell them you appreciate how they work. 

Did they take the kids to sports practice? Let them know you are thankful they are a parent that’s involved. 

Why would you say thanks for things like this? Because it feels nice to receive thanks, even if the task is your responsibility. It helps you feel appreciated, and it shows in your response to the person that is giving you praise. 

Giving thanks to your husband or wife can help change your attitude toward them and their attitude toward you. Part of what could be going on in your relationship is that neither of you feels seen or heard. 

There is a Difference Between Voicing Emotion and Complaining

I’m not saying that you can’t get frustrated with someone or something in your life. You are allowed to voice your anger or emotions about life. The problem, however, is when you take those frustrations and turn them into constant complaining.

You can tell me that you are thankful for your _______ (fill in the blank), but if you continually complain about that thing, you’re telling your mind it’s a bad thing. Not something to be grateful for. 

Act Thankful, Don’t Just Say It

It is easy to say you are thankful for something, but hard to act thankful. You are not acting grateful when you complain.

What about when it comes to your spouse? Do you say you appreciate them but spend your time and energy complaining about them? If you are genuinely grateful for that person, you need to act like it, not just say it.

Do you say you’re thankful for your wife but then complain every time she leaves hair in the sink for you to clean out? Do you say you’re thankful for your husband but then complain when he doesn’t pick up his socks? 

Focusing on those tiny habits your spouse has and knit-picking them can tear your relationship apart. 

Stop Complaining and Start Being Thankful

Whether it is regarding your spouse, job, kids, or whatever, stop complaining and start being thankful. You can’t be truly thankful for something if you have something negative to say about it all of the time.

In order to be genuinely grateful for things, you have to change your thoughts. And when you look for ways to be appreciative, you will rewire your brain to look for other things you can be thankful for. This is an excellent positivity loop to create in regard to your spouse and relationship. 

Maybe You’re Already Thankful

Are you really thankful for your husband or wife? Make sure you express that to them that sentiment. It can only help your relationship to share with them when you feel thankful for the things they do.

This article was re posted and used with permission from Love Hope Adventure. Find more of their great articles HERE

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