14 Feb
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Ruth Buezis has an amazing and inspiring story about her journey in helping thousands of women (and men) improve their sexual relationship from a wholesome Christian perspective. You can read her full review of Ultimate Intimacy.

“I am excited to review and recommend a Christian App called Ultimate Intimacy. My husband and I spent a weekend sampling the articles, discussing the conversation starters and testing out the game. The next morning I woke up to a note from my husband, “Let’s play it again tonight. I go first!” Let’s just say Ultimate Intimacy was a hit in my house.

Ultimate Intimacy was designed by one Christian couple to strengthen marriages, fight pornography addiction and reduce the divorce rate.  They believe that sex in marriage should be amazing for both the husband and the wife, and be incredibly bonding. They created the Ultimate Intimacy APP to be fun, respectful, easy to use and to treat sex as something sacred.

If you feel stuck in a rut, don’t know how to start creating intimacy in your marriage, or are looking for a fun  idea for your upcoming date night then check out the Ultimate Intimacy APP. The easy navigation toggles between a super fun Game, helpful Resources, Conversation Starters, respectful Positions (Androids Only for now) and Products to help turn up the heat.


Playing the Ultimate Intimacy Game will help you start a journey of learning new things about each other. The Game has 4 levels from which you can choose based on your comfort level: Romance, Foreplay, Heavy Foreplay and Hot and Heavy. After inputting your first names the game will take turns prompting you or your spouse with a question or action to enjoy for a few minutes. Thing like…

  • What were you thinking about right before you kissed me the first time?
  • What is your favorite sexual memory of us?
  • __(wife’s name)___ and __(husband’s name)__ both kneel on the bed facing each other. __(Wife’s name)__ rubs _(husband’s name)’s____ chest with one hand and strokes his penis with the other hand while staring in his eyes.

The settings allow you to choose which level you’re ready for and how long you would like between prompts. The advanced settings offer read aloud actions and auto-advance for hands-free game play. Be forewarned that the read aloud computer voice may provide a good laugh. My suggestions is to ramp up the levels gradually. By the time you get to the Hot and Heavy level, you won’t care what the voice sounds like. 

The different settings allow you to focus on romance or gradually ramp up to include Hot and Heavy actions to enjoy with your spouse.  We were surprised at the variety of prompts and you can even add your own custom actions. Playing the game is a great way to learn some new things and to take the pressure off each other as the game tells you what to do.


The Resources includes articles about Anatomy, Emotional Intimacy, Technique and Sugar and Spice. They have gathered Christian articles from different blogs, including Awaken-Love to read for ideas. They plan to continue adding additional resources in the future.

Conversation Starters

The Conversation Starters cover everything from Intimacy to finances. They are simple prompts to get the two of you talking. For example, …

  • What are some of your earliest memories with your family?
  • How can I better show love when we are apart?
  • What’s the best way to communicate to your that I’m in the mood for sex?

They are open-ended prompts that will spark great conversation about all different areas of your life.


The Position Drawings are used with permission from Christian Friendly Sex Positions. 

The drawings are tasteful and respectful, yet informative. (Only available on Androids until further approval by Apple, but they’re working on it!).


The App also provides links for different Products that might help create intimacy. They currently have links to different books, lubricants and fun items for your bedroom. They endorse only products they believe in and that uphold Christian values.


For an older person that struggles to keep up with technology, I found the APP super easy to download and use. The Ultimate Intimacy APP is free. To access the Heavy Foreplay and Hot and Heavy Prompts, as well as add your own prompts to customize your own game, you will need to upgrade for $6.99 per year. We found the upgrade well worth the money as it provided hours of fun.

You may not have noticed, but I don’t  advertise on Awaken-Love. I don’t endorse products for money, including Ultimate Intimacy, because I am simply trying to strengthen marriages.  

The Ultimate Intimacy APP is a super fun way to create conversation, learn new things and to create some memories. So, check it out today and let me know what you think. To find out how to get the App just click on the Icons below.”

Besides a blog full of many wonderful resources, Ruth teaches a 6 week class to help you discover God’s design for sex within your marriage. Check it out at awaken-love.net

Download the app at ultimateintimacy.com or check out the UI logo on the app stores. Download for free today!

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