02 May

Marriage is a beautiful thing. Two people committing their lives to each other, sharing everything from love and joy to frustration and pain. But the truth is, maintaining a healthy and happy marriage requires work, and one of the most critical elements of that work is setting good boundaries.

So, what are boundaries, and why are they important in marriage? Boundaries are the invisible lines that define your personal space. They’re the limits you set with others to protect your privacy, safety, and self-esteem. In marriage, boundaries help to protect the relationship from outside forces that could cause damage or stress.

Setting boundaries is not only beneficial for your relationship, but it can also save your life. Unhealthy relationships often have no boundaries, which means that there is no limit to what the other person can ask of you.

This can lead to an endless cycle of abuse and manipulation from your spouse. Setting boundaries can help protect your marriage by keeping things clear and more organized. A healthy relationship requires spouses who respect each other’s needs and desires, as well as their right to make decisions about their lives without interference from others.

So, what do boundaries look like in practice? Many couples agree to boundaries to protect their marriage such as:

  • They will never be alone with the opposite sex.
  • They will not watch porn.
  • They will not spend more than $1,000 without talking about it together first.

Think about how having these types of boundaries in your relationship could eliminate a lot of conflict and trust issues. Boundaries provide a framework for the relationship, allowing couples to communicate openly about what is and isn’t acceptable.

Let’s use the example of a husband who starts playing tennis tournaments and is introduced to a single girl around his age who is a very good player. They start practicing and playing together alone and develop a good relationship. He is spending a lot of time with her.

This really hurts his wife as he is alone with another woman, and it’s taking time away from their relationship together. She feels betrayed by her husband, and this starts to negatively impact their relationship in a serious way as trust is lost.

The husband didn’t feel he did anything wrong, and the wife feels totally betrayed. These types of situations happen all the time in marriage, and if the couple would have simply talked about what is acceptable and not acceptable with the opposite sex and established a boundary in their marriage, this never would have happened as both spouses knew the boundary and had previously agreed to it.

Boundaries are not rules – they’re healthy limits on behavior within a relationship. Rules tend to be rigid demands for specific outcomes or behavior, whereas boundaries are flexible guidelines about what feels right or wrong to each person in the relationship.

Essentially, when you set boundaries in your marriage, you are creating a barrier that makes it difficult for anyone to cross over. Boundaries are there to create a protected area in your marriage that you can enjoy and utilize with whomever is welcomed on the other side. Boundaries are essential to a healthy marriage because they help you determine what is right or wrong together for your relationship.

Marriage is a relationship of love, trust, and commitment. It’s easy to get caught up in the romantic side of marriage, but it’s important to remember that marriage is also a legal contract.

Marriage is a commitment that both partners must honor, which means setting boundaries and sticking to them. By establishing and respecting boundaries, couples can create a safe and secure space for their love to flourish.

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