14 Feb
Bringing Back The Closeness (Terry and Rachel’s Story)

Miss the closeness you once had before the chaos of life got in the way? Check out Terry and Rachel’s inspiring story:

My adorable wife and I have been married for 8 years now. We were both virgins with ZERO sex experience before we were married. Our marriage has been fabulous, and we’re the best of friends. Our sex life slowed down after our children came along. Life has been exciting and chaotic with kids.

Guarded, Rude and Pleasantly Surprised

A few months ago I had heard scary rumors about swingers and rowdy couple get-togethers in the neighboring town. When a friend told me of this great app to make your love life awesome, I was guarded and possibly rude to him.  After he explained it was a Christian platform to help better marriages and families I listened to what he had to say.

My wife and I downloaded the app that night and were blown away!  I paid the subscription within the first few minutes because I knew we had hit a gold mine.  Intimacy was fantastic that night, but we weren’t expecting what came next: the closeness we had missed in the chaos of small children!  From that moment in time, we have been proponents of Ultimate Intimacy when speaking with many other couples.

Deep, Meaningful Conversation, And a Touch Of Spice

Conversation Starters in the Ultimate Intimacy app

There were some other immediate benefits to our marriage. It taught us (me, the husband) of the importance of REAL conversation.  True, deep, connecting conversation.  Talking with each other beforehand without trying to skip her needs and heading straight for 3rd base.  Also, it has amazing resources that couples like us may be too shy to Google.

The conversation starters is what has hit the spot for us. I have loved that she wants to initiate more often!  It seriously all comes back to taking care of her needs, which I obviously needed help with.  Building stronger bonds together is what this life is all about, and when that includes sex, all the better!

As a result, the app has given us a better platform to ask deeper questions spontaneously, even without the app at times.  We feel very close to each other and our weekly date nights have been much more frequent, even with a 6 mo old baby.

Blessing Other Marriages Too

Soon after we discovered Ultimate Intimacy I was talking with a friend on the phone, just catching up.  He mentioned he and his wife were struggling and he wanted to find a way to remind her of the person she had fallen in love with.  I told him about the app and he was eager to see if it could help.

A few months later as we were talking again I asked him if they had given it a chance.  His voice got very excited and he apologized for not thanking me beforehand.  He said that Ultimate Intimacy was the key to bringing that peace and happiness back into their marriage.  There isn’t such a thing as a perfect life or marriage, however this app can sure bring down a piece of Heaven into your marriage if you’ll let it.

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