29 Mar

Spiritual intimacy is the glue that holds couples together. When you started your relationship and marriage, it likely relied heavily upon emotional and physical intimacy. If you’ve been married for any length of time, you’ll know that emotions change frequently, and physical connection can drift in and out too. Lose a night’s worth of sleep, become hungry, or be a parent with young kids, and you’ll know exactly what I mean. 

Spiritual intimacy is something you can always share. It’s all about growing in the Lord together. It’s about pursuing God’s will for both your marriage and as individuals. Some of the healthiest marriages contain two individuals seeking to follow Christ and honor God with their lives. Couples who have a vision for their marriage and know that it has a higher calling to give God all the glory are the ones who will thrive even when emotions run from high to low and even when physical exhaustion or disconnection happens. 

Spiritual intimacy allows for connection during those hard times. It involves a place of repentance and forgiveness when conflict comes and regrets take place. It will enable space for handholding even when you’ve just had a spat and don’t want to be touched by the other. Spiritual intimacy drives you to reach out to your spouse despite their flaws and the errors they’ve made. 

Spiritual intimacy beckons you to a deeper and richer kind of love. Love like Christ has for His bride. Spiritual intimacy says I am here and in this with you no matter what. 

If you want to build your spiritual intimacy, try these things:

Read God’s Word and share what you learn with one another. Invite your spouse on the journey you’re taking with God. 

Pray individually and together. Check out this free resource if you want to start a 30-day Praying for Your Husband/Wife Challenge. 

Find a couple to follow. Whose marriage inspires you? Ask them to pour into your life or develop a mentoring relationship.

Start a devotional and have honest conversations that connect you and are rooted in God’s Word. You can find ours HERE 

Develop grateful hearts. Make the time to notice your spouse and what they do for you and your family, and let them know you appreciate it. 

Become self-aware and take responsibility for what is yours to own instead of blaming your spouse. Ask the Lord to check your heart and reveal anything you need to change. 

Finally, less than 10% of couples report having spiritual intimacy in their marriage despite the many wondrous benefits it holds. If your marriage lacks any type of intimacy, make spiritual intimacy the one you focus on first, and you might just find that all the others slowly begin to happen as well.

This article was reposted and used with permission from Expedition Marriage

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