30 Jan

It is really quite easy to let your relationship slowly slip away until one day you realize you are just two people living with each other and there is no emotional or physical connection in the relationship anymore. This happens to ALOT of couples!

Marriage is meant to be full of passion, excitement, connection and intimacy where you can’t wait to see and be with your spouse everyday. If you feel your marriage is slipping away, here are some things you can do about it.

Have a brutally honest conversation together – Sit down and asses your relationship and where things are at, how each of you are feeling, and put together a game plan as to how your going to move forward to fix it.

We had to do this in our relationship. It is hard to do the first time, but once you can do it, it is a game changer. Once we realized we could have the hard conversations it took alot of pressure off and was much easier to continuously do moving forward in our marriage.

Put a plan together/Start Doing instead of waiting – Marriage takes work… constant work. You can’t let off the peddle at any time. If you feel like your marriage is slipping away, chances are you aren’t putting in the time or energy (the work) that you need to. Love just doesn’t happen, you have to work at love.

  • Ask each other “How are we going to make our marriage better to where we want it to be and how are we going to get there”.
  • Have weekly meetings together to discuss where things are at and how things are going.
  • Plan date nights, a get-a-way and things that can draw you closer together.

Connect – For couples that are struggling or seeing their marriage slip away, there is probably almost little to no connection both emotionally and physically. Start connecting more again both emotionally and physically. Figure out what this means for your relationship as every relationship is different. If you want to find that connect again, you have to start connecting.

This is one of the hardest ones for couples. For some reason couples feel like if things aren’t going well, they shouldn’t connect as if connecting physically is something you only do when things are going well. Nothing can help bring couples closer together than connecting emotionally and physically. It can turn around relationships almost overnight! That is why so many marriage experts and therapists say to connect physically as fast as you can after an argument. It is hard to do, but vital.


Acts of kindness – Let your spouse know you are thinking of them, send them text messages, leave them a note, buy them something nice. Do something to show them you are thinking about them and be kind.

Ask! Don’t assume – When we assume we know how our spouse is feeling, why they are mad, or why they are doing something, these assumptions can get us into a lot of trouble. Our assumptions are almost ALWAYS wrong so instead of assuming things, talk to your spouse, ask them how they are feeling and do everything you can to communicate with them.

Start showing appreciation – If you want to foster a connection with your spouse, Tell them AND show them how much you appreciate them. 

Be vulnerable – This is one of the hardest things for a couple to do especially when they are disconnected. However being vulnerable and opening up about how you are feeling can quickly build trust and connection. When you are vulnerable and open up at a deep level, you are able to experience a a deeper love and joy for one another.

Check out podcast episode 126. Do You Feel Like Your Relationship Is Slipping Away? Here are 11 Things You Can Do To Get It Back

Spend quality time together – Couples who are slipping away are most likely not spending quality time together. For a couple to draw closer together, they need to do the things they did when they were dating and spend quality time together having fun!

When we started to do date night weekly in our marriage, that is when our marriage was transformed. We wrote an article on this titled “how date night changed our marriage” and it truly did.

Learn more about each other and about relationships – Listen to podcasts or read articles that can help you understand each other. Learning and gaining more knowledge about each other (and male and female) can help you tremendously in your relationship.

When we started talking more and learning more about how we are different, our needs, our relationships, and each other, that was a game changer for us.

Be patient with each other, and yourself – Be patient with yourselves and recognize that sometimes things take time. Don’t force things. Good things take time especially when you are trying to work your way back.

Limit your technology use – Your device and social media are some of the biggest reasons for relationship problems. Put your technology away when you have time to spend together. Show each other how you prioritize your marriage over your devices.

Implement these things into your marriage and you will connect with your spouse at a deeper level in your relationship.

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