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What society and culture is saying about men and husbands (the worlds view and what they are pushing)

We live in a world where good is now considered evil, and anyone with sanity is now considered crazy. The traditional values, and roles of men and women in the family that have been around for thousands of years are suddenly now being treated as abnormal, offensive and even appalling to many people.

Men are now being totally degraded and disrespected in society. Tv, movies, commercials and social media portray men as stupid, useless, weak and just another child the wife has to take care of. They are being told how to dress, talk, and act, and if they are on their best behavior, they “might” be rewarded with sexual intimacy. Men and husbands are treated as if their only purpose is to bring home the paycheck.

Men are not allowed to talk about and express what they need, desire, and what makes them happy in our current culture, and society for fear of being destroyed. Society is trying to change what a man is.

Society is trying to turn a man into something he is naturally not

Good faithful husbands and men in our current culture are told they perverts or sex addicts (or even worse) for wanting to frequently connect sexually with their spouse. They are constantly rejected and scared to death to do or say anything. Instead of sexual intimacy being a wonderful thing that brings a couple closer together, society tells women that it should be used as a tool to get what they want. In our new culture, a woman is the one to decide “if” and “when” sexual intimacy happens.

Many women are buying into this view and are treating men, and their husbands this way.

We do a ton of social media videos and it is astonishing how many men say they will not get married again (or wish they never got married) because of the way they are being treated.

What culture and society is pushing on women

Women are being told and convinced that they don’t need a man because ALL men are just horrible people and all they want is sex. Women are being told they should be independent, free and just have sex with as many men as they want! They should not be tied down to a husband and kids. It’s time for them to be selfish and follow their own personal desires… and if they do they will be much happier.

Everything being pushed is ANTI MARRIAGE! Culture and society is doing everything it can to destroy marriages and convince both men and women that they don’t need each other and to just stay single. 


**We have posted several videos on instagram on tick-tock of the mistakes women make in marriage AND the mistakes men make in marriage. These videos are to help both men and women understand some of the common things that both sexes tend to do sometimes.

It is astonishing how many comments we get from both men and women. Now these are not people from our audience responding as most married couples associated with Ultimate Intimacy have healthy marriages, but they are from random people that see our videos on social media.

*Men and husbands are constantly commenting that they are in an unhappy marriage and they feel their spouse just wants them for a paycheck. They feel unloved, un appreciated and used. Sexual intimacy is used as a weapon and is almost non existent. Many of them say they should have never got married and the single ones say they will never get married based upon how they are treated and what society is pushing.

We get so many comments from women (often divorced and single) responding to our videos saying if we are putting out videos encouraging women to have more sexual intimacy with their husband, we are promoting martial rape! ALMOST EVERYONE of them are divorced and literally hate ALL men because of past experiences they have had. 


Our view and what we believe (and how to protect your marriage)

Most men want to get married to an amazing woman (and most women want to marry and amazing man), but many men are now scared to death to get married and many state they never will because of the feminist movement against them.

Many women now believe and promote that women don’t need men, and promote not getting married. They are told they need to be strong and can do everything on their own and they dont need a man.

So what do we as couples do to protect our marriages from this and stand up for what is right, and not buy into this?

Well for the many of us that are married and are happy, here is what we need to do to not let it take us and our marriages down and to fight for our families and kids:

  1. We become what we take in. keep this filth out of our homes and marriages – If we are constantly watching movies or social media posts that portray men and women in a certain way, then how can that not start having an impact on us? Put things into your life that are positive and in line with your values and beliefs. Dont degrade your spouse or fall into these false worldly views. Men and women are created differently and we need to embrace those differences.
  2. Stand up for what is right – Sometimes we think that to be kind and accepting of others, we have to just stay silent. We need to stand up for what is right in our communities and in our homes. Marriage can be the most wonderful and amazing thing in the word when a husband and wife are in harmony. Set examples for our children and the people we are around.
  3. Do everything we can to strengthen our own marriages and relationships. Without the family and good marriages, our country will fall. We are fighting a fight between good and evil.

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