31 Jan

This article was reposted and used with permission from Knot Easily Broken

More Chores Play Equals More Foreplay

In most marriages today both partners have a very hectic schedule. In most family both the husband and wife have jobs and with raising a family that can put a lot of added stress on the marriage.

By the time you finish work, you are heading home to another full-time job called “TAKING CARE OF THE FAMILY”. After picking up the kidos from school, checking their homework, preparing dinner, giving the little a bath, and putting them to bed can be overwhelming. After you are finished with all that, your body is drained, and most wives energy level is on empty. In addition to that, your spouse is looking to you to fill their sexual needs.

Is Your House Hurting Your Marriage?

When you and your partner cannot balance your household chores, it can lead to added stress in the marriage. If you are already stressed out at work the last place you want to feel stress is at home. Home should be your haven. Your home should be a place where you can relax and recuperate from a hard day at work. Most couples are finding out that the opposite is happening to them at home.

Create peace and harmony in the home.

To create peace and harmony, you must remember that marriage is a partnership. This partnership includes the practical business of running the family and the household. This includes keeping financial records, maintenance, shopping, planning, cooking, child care, transportation, etc. 
These are not responsibilities for one person. They are responsibilities shared among both spouses. Marriage is similar to a merger and acquisition of two company. Both companies are now one and what they do affect the other. When their stock value raises both benefits, when their market value decreases it hurt all who are involved in the merger. In marriage, it works the same way. Both couples must play their role effectively in order to have a successful marriage. When all the practical aspects of a home run smoothly, it brings more peace and harmony to the marriage.

How to Share Household Chores

In actuality, chores around the house are shared responsibilities. dividing up the housework is essential to ensure a happy marriage. I love to ironing and I do most of the ironing at home. I love to iron my wife clothes it makes me feel proud that I am helping to add value to her. I am also doing something that most men don’t usually do which make it more special in my opinion. 

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Chores play Equals More Foreplay

There is nothing wrong with helping your wife or wife helping her husband with chores in and around the house. Better yet take a few of the things she does regularly and help her out. Note, Chores Play Equals More ForePlay. Here is what happens when you help each other to do chores.

  • You are spending time together. 
  • You are building an unbreakable bond. Most wives love to see their husband working side by side with them. 
  • It gives you a reason to talk to each other more. Conversations are often easier to strike up when you are working together as a team.
  • Intimacy and affection are often developed during these moments. 
  • Your wife might think it’s sexy. It could be one of hers or your love Language( Act of Service)
  • Your Husband appreciates your company. He enjoys the fact that you are watching him work.
  • It helps releases stress. 
  • It creates more time with each other. Anytime spent together is valuable in a marriage. Even during chores sharing. 
  • It gives her a reason to want to reward you come bedtime

Used with permission from Knot Easily Broken

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