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01 Apr

When it comes to maintaining a healthy and happy marriage, both emotional and physical intimacy is are crucial components, and they go hand in hand. It is almost impossible to have one without the other. When you look at great marriages, they almost always have both good sexual and emotional intimacy and they make it a priority and constantly work at it.

However, in the busyness of life, it can be easy for couples to lose the spark that brought them together in the first place. That’s where the Ultimate Intimacy App comes in! The Ultimate Intimacy App is a powerful tool that can help couples reignite their passion and strengthen their connection.

What is the Ultimate Intimacy App?

The Ultimate Intimacy App is the best tool and marriage app on the market that can help couples improve their sexual intimacy and strengthen their marriage. It was created by a Christian couple that implemented things in their relationship that were “game changers” and they believed that there were probably many other couples that could benefit from the things they learned as well, so they developed the Ultimate Intimacy App.

They had no idea that the app would turn into something this big and needed 🙂 The app has over 600,000 downloads and has helped so many couples turn their marriages around and find “Ultimate Intimacy” in their relationships. Best of all, the app is a safe place for people to learn, play and have fun without having to worry about seeing any vulgar material. It is clean, non graphic and so much fun!

So how can the Ultimate Intimacy App help your relationship?


The app provides a safe and comfortable space for couples to communicate about their sexual desires, needs, and many other topics. There are hundreds of conversation starter questions, fund games such as “Would U Rather” and “Intimate Conversations” that help couples learn how to talk about the tough or embarrassing topics in the bedroom. The Ultimate Intimacy App can help couples build trust and foster deeper communication, which is extremely important for a healthy relationship.


The app provides comprehensive sexual education, how to articles, techniques and resources for couples. It covers a wide range of topics, from sexual health to sexual techniques, and can help couples learn more about each other’s emotional and sexual needs and desires in a very fun way! The best thing is couples don’t have to worry about seeing anything against their beliefs or any dirty or pornographic images or materials. The app is a safe place for couples to be educated about emotional and sexual intimacy.


The Ultimate Intimacy App offers a variety of fun and interactive activities and games that can help couples connect on a deeper level. These activities are designed to help couples explore each other’s bodies and build intimacy in a very fun, playful and non-judgmental way.



The app allows couples to customize their sexual experience based on their preferences and comfort levels so they don’t need to worry about being uncomfortable. Also just like Spotify, the app allows couples to thumbs up or thumbs down the things they like or dislike so everything can be customized towards their needs. Couples can also choose from a variety of activities and settings, and can adjust the intensity and duration of each activity.

One of the unique features of the Ultimate Intimacy App is that it provides a safe and non-judgmental space for couples to explore their intimacy without having the fear of seeing any pornography or vulgar material. This is very unique, as many other sexual or intimacy-related apps may include explicit or offensive content that can be uncomfortable or inappropriate for some users.

The creators of the Ultimate Intimacy App (Nick and Amy) understand that sexual intimacy is a very private and personal matter, and they have worked hard to ensure that the app is free from any offensive or inappropriate content.

The Ultimate Intimacy App also provides a wide range of sexual health information, including information on sexual anatomy, the best positions and techniques, and other information that is presented in a clear and informative way, without any graphic or offensive material.

Features In The Ultimate Intimacy App

While there are many features in the app, here are some of the favorites:

  • Incredibly fun Intimacy Game to help couples connect and enjoy each other in a very fun and exciting way! The game has 4 levels, which include Romance, Foreplay, Heavy Foreplay and Hot and Heavy. Couples take turns doing specific actions to each other. The game is completely customizable and personalized to fit your comfort level and preferences.
  • Conversations Starters with topics such as marriage and intimacy, romance, finance, family, spiritual and others to help couples open up fun conversations and get to know each other better.
  • Woud U Rather questions.
  • Intimate Conversations section that helps you and your spouse talk about the intimate aspects of your relationship.
  • Truth or Dare Game bedroom game where you do dares, or answer intimate questions.
  • Safe and secure in app private chat messaging system where you and your spouse can communicate intimately together and send pictures and messages. All messages are encrypted and decrypted.
  • Hundreds of resources with articles and ideas to deepen sexual and emotional intimacy, understand anatomy and the human sexual response cycle, techniques, podcasts and videos with marriage and intimacy experts, and many other ideas to help spice up your marriage and deepen emotional intimacy. New resources are added regularly.
  • Language of Love Quiz where you can find out how your spouse best feels loved. Do they want your time, gifts, affection, words or touch? Take the quiz to find out.
  • Intimate Extras where you can create your own bucket list, escape to a secluded beach, or make love in a rainstorm. There are also sexy texts and invites for you to give to your spouse.
  • Products section with various products and fun ideas to enhance your relationship.
  • Couples mode where you and your spouse can sync your phones for more interactive functions.
  • Would U Rather game is a great way to get you thinking, learn new things about each other, and have great conversations in a very fun way!
  • Password protected.

How can the Ultimate Intimacy App improve your marriage?

Every couple deals with different struggles or hurdles in their relationship. The Ultimate Intimacy App covers just about every aspect and topic in marriage and can help with the things you are dealing with. Here are just some ways that the Ultimate Intimacy App can help your marriage:

  1. Improving communication: Effective communication is a key element of a successful marriage. The Ultimate Intimacy App provides communication tools such as a love language quiz and a sexual preferences questionnaire that can help couples better understand each other’s needs and desires. By improving communication, couples can build trust and intimacy, and reduce misunderstandings and conflicts.
  2. Enhancing sexual knowledge: Sexual knowledge is essential to building a healthy and fulfilling sexual relationship. The app provides comprehensive sexual education and resources for couples, covering topics such as sexual health, communication, and sexual techniques. By increasing their knowledge and understanding of sexuality, couples can explore their intimacy in a safe and non-judgmental environment.
  3. Intimacy building activities: The Ultimate Intimacy App offers a range of customizable activities and games designed to help couples explore each other’s bodies and build intimacy in a fun and engaging way. From sensual massages to several bedroom games, the app provides a variety of options for couples to choose from. These activities can help couples break out of their routine and bring some excitement back into their relationship. The app was built primarily to help couples enjoy sexual intimacy so much more through fun and exiting ways.
  4. Strengthening emotional connection: The Ultimate Intimacy App is not just about physical intimacy, but also emotional intimacy. The app provides tools and resources to help couples strengthen their emotional connection, such as gratitude exercises and love notes. By nurturing their emotional connection, couples can deepen their bond and improve their overall relationship satisfaction.

The Ultimate Intimacy App is an extremely powerful tool that can help couples improve their communication, enhance their sexual intimacy, knowledge, and strengthen their emotional connection. By using the app, couples can break out of their routine, reignite their passion, and build a more fulfilling and satisfying marriage! Best of all, the app is free to download so what are you waiting for? Get started to find “Ultimate Intimacy” in you relationship!

Don’t take our word for it, hear what celebrity kevonstage and his wife have to say about the app!


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