So what’s the story behind the app?

Ultimate Intimacy was created by us two Christian couples. We wanted to strengthen marriages. We each recently went through a few experiences that strengthened our own marriages and wanted to share the fruits of our experiences with others. It’s sort of become our cause, or our mission if you will — to strengthen marriages (and make lovemaking fun!).

The app wasn’t just created on a whim though. We sought out professionals and “experienced married people” from a variety of backgrounds. We consulted books and blogs on the subject.  This has been an amazing journey for us, and one we hope to stay on the rest of our lives.

There are two social problems we’ve discovered as we did our research that lead us to create the app: The first is that too much of “sex” in the world is actually disconnection, and not genuine… It’s all about the act, the technique, the finish, and not about the strong bond that’s forged. One of pornography’s evils is exactly that — counterfeit, it’s disconnecting.

The second problem is the opposite, where couples aren’t having sex. This is when people think sex is boring or dirty, so couples miss out on a very special, God-given gift designed to bring husbands and wives closer together and forge the strongest kind of bond we can enjoy on earth.  We believe that sex can be equally enjoyable for both husbands and wives, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case in marriages… Some wives (and also husbands, too!) haven’t learned how to really enjoy sex for themselves, so they miss out on amazing ways to connect and bond.  You hear about how the top two reasons why couples divorce are financial stresses and intimacy issues…

…and thirdly (ok, I guess there’s a third issue), is that sex and intimacy aren’t talked about in a positive light enough. Intimacy is more than just sex… it’s about being best friends, being able to open up and share your deepest feelings with your spouse, and having your hearts knit together in genuine, selfless love. That positive, beautiful message ought to be heard with equal air time as the “avoid fornication, adultery, dress modestly, and watch out for porn” air time (the “avoid the problems with misuse” messages, which are good and proper by the way — we just need to hear what the good looks like as well as what the bad is).

That’s what we’re trying to accomplish, that’s our mission: to strengthen marriages, reduce divorce, and fight porn’s evil influence by being a positive voice for the goodness and wholeness that sex can bring to a marriage. The cool thing is: sex gets better and better in marriage (and science has backed that up — people who enjoy the most fulfilling sexual experiences are monogamous!)

The feedback we’ve received from users of the app are from couples that tell us a story that sort of goes like:

  • We’re not getting as much sleep lately (because we’re up so late playing the game – that’s intended to be funny  )
  • The dishes are getting done. The honey-dos are getting done too.
  • My wife and I don’t argue anymore.
  • There’s more peace in the home. Our children aren’t fighting as much anymore, maybe because Mom and Dad are more relaxed!
  • There’s passion and affection in our marriage now.
  • We’re talking and communicating about all sorts of things better, especially the things we used to avoid or never felt like we could talk about.
  • We’re setting goals together and working together.

It’s like as if creating a fulfilling, intimate connection in marriage brings out the very best in a man and a woman. It leads them to be honest, true, chaste, and benevolent towards each other. It motivates them to do good towards each other. When there’s genuine connection and love, they “believe all things, hope all things, endure all things.” It helps couples work together as a team to pursue all that which is good and wholesome in life.”

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