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Sex is an important aspect of any romantic relationship, yet it can be very difficult for couples to talk about. Communication is key in any relationship, but when it comes to sex, many couples struggle to open up and share their feelings and desires with each other.

While there are many reasons this is the case, here are the most common reasons why it can be so hard for couples to talk about sex:

Society’s Taboo on Sex

Many people grow up with the belief that sex is a private matter and should not be discussed openly. This belief is often reinforced by cultural and societal norms that portray sex as a taboo topic. As a result, couples may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to bring up the subject of sex, even with their spouse.

When couples (or even an individual spouse) believe sex is something that should not be talked about, that can kill any discussion about it. The truth is sex absolutely should be talked about openly as a couple.

A couple should discuss their desires, likes, dislikes, frequency, and all other things regarding sex, because sex plays such a crucial role in a happy marriage.

Fear of Judgment

Another reason why couples may struggle to talk about sex is the fear of being judged. Individuals may feel ashamed or embarrassed about their sexual desires or preferences and fear that their spouse will not accept them. This fear can lead to a lack of openness and communication about sex, which can cause problems in the relationship.

As many of you know our story, this was us. We did not talk about sex for the first 13 years of our marriage as we were both fearful of what the other may think. But once we started talking about sex, everything changed for the good and even other tough conversations became much easier to have.

Different Levels of Comfort

Couples may also have different levels of comfort when it comes to discussing sex. One spouse may be more open and comfortable with the topic, while the other may feel uneasy or uncomfortable. This can create a power dynamic that makes it difficult for both spouses to express their thoughts and feelings.

We also did a great podcast on 138. Sexpectations In Marriage.. And Why You Need To Talk About Them Together!

Lack of Knowledge or Experience

Some couples may struggle to talk about sex because they lack knowledge or experience. They may not know how to communicate their desires or understand what their spouse wants. This can lead to misunderstandings and miscommunications, making it difficult for both spouses to have fulfilling sexual experiences.

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Fear of Rejection or Disappointment

Couples may also fear rejection or disappointment when it comes to sex. They may worry that their spouse will not be satisfied with their sexual performance or that their desires will not be met. This fear can lead to a lack of communication about sex, making it difficult for both spouses to have a fulfilling and satisfying sexual relationship.

If you are afraid to talk about sex, or just don’t know how to start that conversation, you can check out the conversations starters in the Ultimate Intimacy App to help get those tough conversations started.

Past Trauma or Shame

Past trauma or shame related to sex can also make it difficult for couples to talk about the subject. Individuals may have experienced sexual abuse or trauma in the past, leading to feelings of shame or discomfort around sex. This can make it difficult for them to open up and communicate with their spouse about their sexual desires and needs.

Lack of Time or Privacy

Finally, couples may struggle to talk about sex due to a lack of time or privacy. Busy schedules and hectic lifestyles can make it difficult to find time for intimate conversations, while a lack of privacy can make it uncomfortable to discuss sexual topics openly.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why couples may struggle to talk about sex. However, it is important to remember that communication is key in any relationship, and open and honest conversations about sex can lead to a more fulfilling and satisfying sexual relationship. By understanding these barriers and working to overcome them, couples can strengthen their relationship and enjoy a more satisfying sexual connection.

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