21 Nov

We’ve all heard that sex is good for our health. But did you know it’s also good for your marriage?

Sex is a basic human need and plays a critical role in keeping couples satisfied, connected and happy. For many couples, however, sex becomes less frequent over time.

But the benefits of regular sexual intimacy are numerous — from reducing stress and improving sleep to strengthening emotional bonds and boosting your immune system.

Sexual intimacy can be an important part of maintaining a strong relationship when you’re married.

It’s also a vital part of being happy as a couple. The more intimate couples are with each other, the happier they tend to be. In fact, research shows that people who have sex at least once a week are happier than those who don’t have sex at all.

It may seem obvious that married people should have regular sex with their spouses, but many couples fall into the trap of thinking they don’t need it anymore once they’ve tied the knot.

Sex is important for your relationship.

It’s a way to bond, to express love and affection, and it can even help you feel closer to your partner. But in some relationships, sex is a struggle.

If you’re in a marriage where one or both partners don’t want to have sex, this can lead to resentment and hurt feelings — especially if you feel like your needs aren’t being met.

Research shows that couples who have sex at least once a week are happier and more satisfied with their relationship than couples who have sex less often.

So if you’re not having sex often enough, it’s worth figuring out why. Here are the reasons why couples should be having more sex:

Sex strengthens your bond with your spouse

Sex is the glue that keeps couples together. It strengthens your bond with your spouse, and it can help you stay healthy.

Sex makes marriages stronger

According to a study published in The Journal of Sex Research, sex can even make you fall in love with your spouse more. “The more frequently couples have sexual relations, the more they feel affectionate and loving toward each other,” said Dr. Pepper Schwartz, professor of sociology at the University of Washington and relationship expert for AARP’s Love and Relationships newsletter.

Sex improves physical health

Regular sex can improve a man’s life expectancy by up to four years and a woman’s by three years, according to researchers at Harvard Medical School. That’s because having sex releases hormones that decrease stress and boost immunity.
What’s more, having an orgasm releases endorphins — natural painkillers — into your bloodstream, which may help ease muscle tension caused by chronic illness or arthritis.

Sex enhances emotional intimacy

Sex is one way for couples to share intimacy — another important component of marriage, according to Schwartz. “Intimacy is about emotional closeness,” she says.” It can be expressed through conversation or physical closeness like cuddling or kissing.”

Sex makes you feel good about yourself

When you feel good about yourself, you’re more likely to be happy in your marriage. A recent study showed that married women who are satisfied with their sexual experiences are more likely to feel loved and appreciated than those who aren’t having sex or those who aren’t satisfied with the quality of their sex life.

In addition, a study from the University of Chicago found that when couples engage in regular sexual activity, they tend to have better communication and more satisfying relationships overall — which can help strengthen a marriage.

Sexual intimacy promotes self-confidence because it makes us feel desirable, attractive and sexy! It boosts our self-esteem and helps us feel like we’re living up to our potential (and doing what we were meant to do).

Sex makes you happier

A UCLA study found that people who exercise regularly are less depressed than non-exercisers, but sex is even better at reducing depression than exercising. Sex also increases endorphins (the body’s natural painkiller) and lowers cortisol levels (the stress hormone).

This means that having sex will help keep stress at bay so you’ll have fewer arguments with your spouse! If you’re feeling stressed out or anxious about something, try having sex with your partner instead of

Sex makes you happier and healthier. People who have frequent sex are less likely to be depressed or anxious, according to a 2013 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Most people agree that sex is a basic human need. It’s important to your physical, emotional and mental health.

It is also SO important to talk about Sexual Intimacy with your spouse!

You can not have good Sex without Communicating about it often! If this is a hard conversation to have in your marriage check out the sexual intimacy communication workbook. It will make it easy for you!

Sex relieves stress and promotes relaxation

Sex reduces stress. When you’re having sex, you’re less likely to think about other worries in your life. Sex also releases endorphins — hormones that make you feel good.

Sex helps you sleep better and improves brain function, according to research at the University of California Los Angeles School of Nursing.

All these benefits of sex can help improve your marriage — and make it last longer!

Studies consistently show that regular sexual intimacy benefits a marriage in many ways, and can even help lower the risk of divorce. Couples who engage in sex on a weekly basis are also reported to have better coping skills during stressful periods than couples who abstain from sex.

Regularly engaging in sexual intimacy helps couples connect and relax together. As such, consider incorporating weekly sexual time into your schedule and see how yours benefits from this simple addition.

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