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Sometimes you notice couples and it looks like the wife is madly in love with her husband! She is holding his hand, getting close to him and showing affection, has a huge smile and is really happy. You can tell she absolutely adores him, and you think.. “what is the secret?”

Over the past several years we’ve talked to a lot of couples about things their husbands do to make them feel loved and happy. We also read a great article from To Love Honor And Vacuum titled “10 Things husbands who are great lovers do” which also hit’s on those things as well. So let’s discuss what good husbands do in and out of the bedroom.


They Talk About Everything With Their Wife (COMMUNICATION)

As we have mentioned in other articles and podcasts, a women’s sex organ is her brain. What turns a woman on is when her man communicates/talks with her. A good husband would rather have a good conversation with his wife than watch Tv, or browse on his phone. Now that doesn’t mean that there isn’t times for that as I am guilty of that, but what we are saying is put your wife as the #1 priority and fulfill those needs before killing time with less important things such as surfing your phone.

Your wife will know that you love and care about her and she will appreciate that and in return show her husband how much she love’s and cares for him.

Make’s His Wife Feel Loved In Everything He Does

A good husband shows love for his wife in everything he does. This could be helping around the house, with the kids, showing and voicing appreciation to his wife for all she does and constantly letting her know how much he loves here. Also, getting to know your spouses love language and showing love the way they receive love is a great way to make her feel loved!

Is Also Affectionate In Non Sexual Ways

A good husband shows affection even when it’s not about sex. He will hold her hand, hug her, kiss her and show affection to her WITHOUT SEX.

Makes His Wife Feel Beautiful

There are many things a husband can do to make his wife feel beautiful. Always compliment her on how good she looks, how she turns you on and tells her she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

Never Make Negative Comments

Good husbands never put their wife down or make negative comments. They are always building her up, compliment and listen to her. Making negative comments is the surest and quickest way to your wife fall out of love with you.

Never Compare Her To Anyone Else

Good husbands never compare their wife to anyone else. They love their wife and are happy with all of their perfections, and imperfections. Comparing your wife to someone else sends a message that you do not love them the way they are, or that you wish they were like someone else, or that you wish you were with someone else.


Never Asks His Wife To Do Things She is not comfortable With

It’s totally natural to want to try new things in the bedroom and some of them maybe a little bit uncomfortable if it is new, but if there are things in the bedroom a woman does not feel comfortable doing, a good husband will never push her into doing something she is not comfortable with. It is key for couples to communicate about sex and their likes and dislikes and respect those boundaries.

Cares About His Wife’s Needs Before His Own

A good husband and lover will focus on his wife’s needs and taking care of her in the bedroom before himself. He is very unselfish and takes his time and focuses on her. It is key to talk to your wife about what her needs are so you can fulfill them. He will make sure she has an orgasm before he does and when that doesn’t happen, he can make sure he still fulfills her needs even after he has been taken care of.

Respects Her And Never Makes Her Feel Used

If a husband is only showing affection when he wants sex, this will make his wife feel like she is just being used (for sex). Good lovers (husbands) show their spouse how much they love the and always show her respect and appreciate sexual intimacy between them.

Never Looks At Porn (or brings it into the bedroom)

Porn is a big issue in many marriages and we understand that. However, we believe that for a husband to be a good lover to his wife, he cannot bring a “third” into the bedroom and into their intimate relationship. Keep porn out of your life and you will see your marriage flourish.

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