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Listen to this episode “The Top Things Wive’s Wish Their Husbands Knew About Sex”

Updated June 30th, 2022

We hear all the time about how much different men and women are when it comes to sex, and men would literally do anything to try to figure out our wife and understand what they are thinking when it comes to sex. Well this is the article you have been waiting for!

Men…. here the top things wife’s wish their husbands knew about sex

Sex is not just a physical act for women, but sex is also a way to connect emotionally and spiritually.

Women want to feel connected to their husbands in many ways not only physically, but emotionally as well. Instead of just trying to get her in the mood physically, try getting her in the mood emotionally by having a good conversation with her and connecting on a deeper level. Tell her how much you love her, appreciate all she does, how sexy she is, and start a good conversation. She will then want to move into the physical intimacy.

Most women love it when their husbands are the ones who initiate sex.

I know that we often hear it is the husband always initiating or wanting sex, but that’s ok! Women say they wish their husbands would initiate sex more often, and love when they feel more desired when a husband initiates sex. Your wife wants to know you think she is sexy and that you desire her, so initiate sex more often with her and show her how much you want and appreciate her.

It takes time for a woman to get in the mood (unlike a man)… so husbands, be patient with your wife.

As men, we could be headed to the emergency room in an ambulance and if our wife wanted to have sex, we would stop the ambulance, put the doctor on hold and make love 😉 …but a woman is different, they need time to connect emotionally and “switch gears” to get in the mood for sex. Start the romance, foreplay and flirting early in the day! Leave your wife a love note or text, and do romantic things during the day to show her how much you love and care about her. Do everything you can during the day and she wont be able to keep her hands off of you by the evening.

Many Women get bored in the bedroom and want to spice things up.

Many women admit to getting bored in the bedroom and feel like its just the “same old, same old” and this decreases their desire to be sexual. Just like men, women also have sexual fantasies and desires and often want to spice things up in the bedroom! Often times as couples we are very scared to have these conversations and talk about those desires in fear of what the other partner might think, or being rejected. Husbands… be spontaneous and try something new in the bedroom that focuses on your wife. Also, talk to your wife about “her” sexual fantasies, and what she desires and wants in the bedroom from you!

This was the reason was the reason the Ultimate Intimacy App was created! If you need some great ideas check out the Ultimate Intimacy App by downloading for free on google play or the app store.

Be prepared for sex.

Wive’s wish their husbands were better prepared when it comes to sex. Lubricant is a great way to help your wife get in the mood, increase foreplay and make sex much more enjoyable (for both husband and wife). In a study of 2451 women, overall they preferred sex to feel more wet than not, and 90% felt that sex was more pleasurable and comfortable when using lubrication. Check out this great article on the importance of lubricant during love making by clicking HERE

Men, be unselfish in the bedroom.

Forget about yourself and your needs and focus on your wife, her needs and wants, and be committed to take care of her before yourself. Focusing all of your attention on your wife and her needs will show your wife how much you love her, care about her, and focusing on her and her needs before your own will help her enjoy intimacy so much more. If you do “finish” before your wife does, it doesn’t mean you have to be done having sex. There is so much more to sex and intimacy and many techniques and things you can continue to do to take care of your wife and her sexual needs as well. Put your wife’s sexual needs and desires above your own and your sex life will change completely!

When your wife says no to sex, don’t take it personally.

As men, we take rejection very hard and think if our wife rejects having sex with us, then there is something wrong with us, or that they don’t love us, and we tend to stop initiating sex with our wife in fear of being rejected. Wive’s want us to know that sometimes they just don’t want to have sex all the time, and doesn’t mean they don’t love you. Sometimes they are just tired after being with the kids all day, or other reasons. Wive’s want their husbands to keep pursuing them and making them feel important, so don’t take rejection personally.

Husbands, try implementing these things and see if your sexual intimacy with your spouse changes! Create “Ultimate Intimacy” in your marriage!

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