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If you watch movies or TV, you would think it was normal to suddenly (or spontaneously) get turned on and ready for sex instantly, just like turning on a light, or your cell phone. While sometimes this may be true, most often it is not. There are many things that can keep a spouse or couple from being in the mood for sex and often it takes time and effort to get in the mood. Here are some tips and ideas to help you get in the mood for sex.


Stress is one of the leading factors to not being in the mood to have sex. Find ways to take your mind off of things and to connect together. There are many things you can do together to take your mind off of things and focus your attention on each other.

  • Take a shower or bath together
  • Go on a walk and hold hands
  • Watch a movie together or listen to some music
  • Have a good conversation together
  • Use the conversation starters on the Ultimate Intimacy App

Resolve Any Conflict

If there is any negative feelings between you and your spouse, or a disagreement or conflict that has not been resolved, sit down and communicate with each other until it gets resolved. You are not going to be able to connect or get in the mood for sex until you do so. Make up sex is amazing, but there is a reason it is called make up sex…it happens AFTER you have made up and things are resolved!

Build Anticipation

When you anticipate something such as a vacation, a date night, or an event, you start thinking about it long before it happens and the closer it gets, the more excited you get for it. Sex can often be like this, and there are tons of ways to build anticipation for sex together throughout the day to get you both excited and in the mood for sex.

  • Leave a love note or send each other romantic/sexy texts throughout the day
  • Put some lingerie out or something that lets your spouse know what you are thinking about being physically intimate
  • Schedule sex so you both can prepare physically and emotionally for it and make it a priority
  • Play a game where the winner gets to pick the position for the night or something that becomes competitive. People love sex and games so combine them together for a lot more fun!

The Ultimate Intimacy App is perfect for this!

Foreplay – Foreplay – Foreplay!

Foreplay is so important to getting in the mood for sex. Foreplay can take someone that is not in the mood for sex and get them in the mood fairly quickly. Most people don’t spend enough time with foreplay (especially men) and just want to jump into the sex part. When couples spend time warming each other up, sex becomes so much more enjoyable and AMAZING! One of the things we do in our marriage is NMN (naked movie night). We both jump in bed naked and start to watch a move together. Neither of us are turned on at that time, but as we start cuddling, touching and rubbing each other all over while watching the movie (foreplay), things build up to where both of us can’t take it anymore and are going CRAZY for each other! Often we are so turned on we have to pause the movie half way through 🙂

If you haven’t tried NMN, this is a must try! Other things you could do is:

  • Play the Ultimate Intimacy app romance and foreplay section of the game. The game will start things out slow and build up over time (just like NMN)
  • Give each other a back, butt, or thigh massage
  • Talk about romantic times in your life together
  • kiss each other

Make It FUN And Try New Things

People naturally get excited about new things, especially when it comes to sex, but with sex and physical intimacy, it is often a hard topic to discuss, or to tell your spouse what you want to try (or do) in the bedroom in fear of being rejected, having them think differently of you, or be uncomfortable with it. The Ultimate Intimacy App is an amazing tool to help you bring back the excitement and fun into your intimacy. It also takes the awkwardness out of it because it it the game suggesting you try something new, and if you don’t like it or are not comfortable with it, you can simply skip it or “thumbs down” so it doesn’t show up again. Together you can completely customize your own bedroom game to fit your comfort level and desires! With over 200+ non graphic positions, and hundreds of other ideas, the Ultimate Intimacy App will change your sex life forever 🙂

For hundreds of great articles on sex and intimacy, as well as positions, a bedroom game, conversation starters and many other resources to help your marriage, check out the Ultimate intimacy App, it’s FREE in the app store and available on both android and apple.

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