25 Aug

Let’s face it, nothing is normal right now.

That likely includes your sex life too. If you have kids, they’re around all the time and that makes it challenging to find ‘private’ time for you and your partner to act on your natural human instinct…yes, we’re talking about the natural instinct to be sexual together. If you don’t have kids, being around your partner 24/7 might be increasing your levels of irritability and frustration and the last thing on your mind is getting ‘busy’.

Despite the challenges facing all of us right now, it’s critical for the health and well-being of your personal self, as well as your relationship, that you and your partner commit to closeness. Sex is a natural mood booster and can lift your spirits almost immediately!

Here are 4 ways you and your partner can have more sex during crisis:

1. Have an ‘adult’ dance party in your bedroom!

Who says you have to leave the house to have a party? Take your blue tooth speaker into your bedroom, lock the door behind you and turn up the volume. The kids won’t hear you, and if they asked why your door was locked, tell them you were just putting away the laundry and wanted to crank the tunes. If you don’t have kids, still turn up the music and have some fun together. Only difference is, you don’t have to lock the door.

2. Set your alarm for 3 or 4am in the morning, wake up, have some fun and go back to sleep!

Waking up in the middle of the night isn’t just so you can go the bathroom. Before you go to sleep, ask your partner what time you should set the alarm in the middle of the night because you’re both waking up to have some fun. The best part about this idea is you’ll have some rest so you’ll be ready to go, not to mention when you’re done there’s no time for ‘pillow talk’. Just lay down and go back to sleep.

3. Save water and shower together!

You’re both going to need to maintain personal hygiene and what better way to do that than having a shower together? If the kids are home, lock the door and help each other get clean. No kids, just step right in together and enjoy. Be careful not to slip and fall.

4. Complete your personal ‘Will, Want and Won’t’ list!

When it comes to what you like sexually, it’s important your partner knows that information. Sit down and create a list of things you WILL do, WANT to do and WON’T do. Have your partner do the same and then compare notes. Where you have overlap, you’ll likely have fireworks. You’ll also learn some things about your partners sexual desires and excitements. More importantly you’ll both learn about sexual boundaries and what each of you is comfortable with. When you know what your partner will and won’t do, it will increase your sexual fulfillment together and reduce any sexual frustration or disappointment.

If you’re reading this it means you’re human. If you’re human you have some basic human needs. The need for human touch and connection through sexual intimacy is a natural mood booster and at a time when there’s a lot of negative in the news, it becomes even more important to stay sexual with your partner. You’ll both benefit!

Don’t take our word for it, try these in your relationship!

Reposted and used with permission from Transformed Couples

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