03 Oct

I know it sounds harsh but hey… For some married entrepreneur, this is 100% true.

How did it come to this point?  I mean how did what seemed like such a good idea become a source of pain for my spouse?

This is a more common question than you may realize.  Scores of magazines and blogs have been written about the drama married entrepreneurs face when it comes to their spouse and their “baby.”

See that’s just it.  The business has become the baby and by baby I don’t mean child but rather the point of affection and joy.  For many, things didn’t start off this way. In fact, your spouse may have been your greatest cheerleader and now not so much.

Here are some reasons that we’ve discovered after taking inventory of our marriage over the past 9 years.

Reasons your spouse may hate your business:

  1. They don’t feel included
  2. They have no idea as what’s the overall vision
  3. They completed underestimated the extra work/demand it would require
  4. They feel replaced in your heart by the business
  5. The only thing you talk about while driving home from church is business
  6. You failed to effectively manage their expectations and made an assumption they understood
  7. There are no apparent boundaries around the marriage and the business is encroaching

Review each of these carefully and ask your spouse does any of these 7 reasons fit with where they are today…

Make adjustments as needed…follow after peace!

This article was reposted and used with permission from marriedpreneurlife.com

Additional insight from the Ultimate Intimacy Team on “Reasons Your Spouse Might Hate Your Business”

For many years, my business (and business partners) were a very negative thing in our lives, to the point that my wife didn’t want to even hear about it… so I didn’t talk about it. This caused further division in our marriage and relationship because I started to make decisions on my own and these decisions had a HUGE negative impact on our marriage, finances and relationship. Never make business or financial decisions on your own. Always talk about them together and make the decisions together.

The business also had no boundaries in our marriage. We talked about it ALL the time and even when we didn’t discuss it, it was on our minds. It is very important to have boundaries and to not allow your business dealings to become a wrecking ball to your marriage.

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