07 Jan

Are “little things” causing big problems in your marriage?

Little things can become big things in a hurry. And if you don’t nip them in the bud, they can do some serious damage to your relationship.

Little things are like little fires that get started and grow out of control. They can be seen as a small spark or an insignificant problem that will blow over with time. But if left unchecked, they will cause serious damage to your relationship.

Little things can be anything from a nasty tone of voice to a snide comment about how long it takes to get ready for work, or to go on a date. It could be something as simple as not cleaning up after yourself when you cook dinner or leaving dirty clothes on the floor, or sitting on the couch while your spouse does things around the house.

Little things impact your marriage because they’re often about control and respect – two issues that are essential components in any healthy relationship (and especially important in marriage).

The good news is that you can have an amazing marriage if you’re willing to put in the work.

A marriage is a partnership and as such things are bound to go wrong from time to time. It’s how couples deal with these problems that can make or break their relationship.

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Little things can cause big problems in a marriage if they go unresolved. If you don’t deal with them, they can turn into bigger issues down the track. It is vital to talk about these things with your spouse and get them resolved.

Here are some of the most common little things that can cause big problems and how to deal with them:

You never talk about money

You don’t have sex often enough

You argue over small things such as dishes, laundry or other things

You don’t talk about your feelings

You don’t say “I love you” often enough

You don’t compliment each other

You don’t speak up when something bothers you

You don’t spend time together doing things you both enjoy

You argue over petty things like who takes out the trash or hangs up the clothes

You don’t show appreciation for what your spouse does for you and the family every day (even if it’s mundane).

If any of these things ring true, it’s time to be committed to making a change.

If you don’t talk about money, you’ll fight about money. If you don’t talk about sex, you’ll fight about sex. If you don’t talk about how you feel, you’ll fight because of how you feel.

If neither of you ever says “I love you,” resentment will build up until it’s finally released in an argument or cold silence.

If one person is always responsible for cleaning up messes around the house and the other person never helps out, resentment will build up over time until one person gets fed up with doing everything alone and becomes angry that the other person doesn’t do anything around the house like he or she promised to do when they got married (or even before).

Too many marriages end due to the little things not being addressed when they could have been. Don’t let that be you. Addressing the little things can improve your relationship and make for a happier marriage for both of you, without having to fight the big issues down the road.

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