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As many of you know, Amy is the brains and creator of the Ultimate Intimacy App, so you would probably assume that everything has always been great in our marriage and relationship, but that is not the case. What many of you don’t know is the process of what we went through which was very instrumental in “why” she (or we) created the Ultimate Intimacy App.

Amy and I are so passionate about how several things have impacted our marriage and took it to a whole knew level and we love sharing these experiences with others, such as how “Date Night” literally changed our marriage for the better.

Amy and I have been married 18 years now and our marriage is the best its ever been. We absolutely have trials and things to work through just like everyone else, but both of us can pinpoint the change in our marriage to one important decision we made. About 10 years into our marriage, our lives became so busy with having our 4th child, and 4 kids under the age of 8, and dealing with the stresses of life and everything that goes along with it.

We felt like we had very little time to spend together, and we saw our relationship growing apart to where our marriage was not a priority. Not that we ever wanted that, but it just happened naturally like I am sure with many other couples. We never had the chance to spend time alone and when we finally did (which was usually later in the evening when the kids got to bed), we were both exhausted and ready for bed ourselves. 

My wife and sat down together and we realized that all of our efforts and energy was being spent with work, the kids, their activities and all the other things in life that life demands, and could see that we were slowing loosing what was the most important thing in our marriage, which was “us” and “our” relationship.

Although the things we were focusing on were important such as the kids, work, activities etc, they weren’t nearly as important as “our” relationship. So….. we decided that we were going to put our relationship first and start doing date night EVERY Friday night and absolutely nothing was going to get in our way. 

Amy and I on one of our MANY dates together!

It was amazing the change that occurred in our relationship quickly! No the problems didnt go away, but the excitement of being together and the physical and emotional connection and intimacy that had been dwindling came back stronger than ever and it was truly life changing! We told our kids that “our” marriage was #1 priority and we needed date nights in our lives and if they wanted us to stay together, we needed time together 🙂

Now….. 8 years or so later, we not only go on date night every Friday religiously, but many lunch dates and other activities throughout the week including “naked movie night” at home. We are best friends and love being together. Our kids understand and see how important it is for “our” relationship, and our family.

Ever Friday they remind us it is “date night” and pretty much kick us out of the house :). It is awesome how the more time I get to spend with my wife, the more I fall deeper in love with her. I can truly say our marriage is the best its ever been, and I absolutely believe everything started with having a regular “date night”.

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So if you want a simple way to improve your communication, connection and emotional and sexual intimacy and change your relationship dramatically, start having dates as often as you can.

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