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In the whirlwind of modern life, finding time for sexual intimacy in your marriage can sometimes feel like trying to catch a shooting star – elusive and fleeting. And the sad truth for most couples is that sexual intimacy is the last thing on their “to do” list. If sexual intimacy is not made to be a priority, it won’t happen.

Yet, prioritizing this aspect of your relationship is crucial for maintaining connection, intimacy, and satisfaction. Even in a poll we did with our audience, 99% said that sex is a “need” in marriage. So it is something we “need” to prioritize.

So, how can you carve out more time for passion amidst the chaos of everyday life? Let’s jump into some playful yet practical solutions!

The Time Crunch Conundrum

In today’s fast-paced world, couples often find themselves juggling multiple responsibilities, from demanding careers to household chores and childcare duties. As a result, sexual intimacy can easily slip down the priority list, leaving spouses feeling disconnected and unsatisfied.

Solution 1: Schedule Sexy Time

Yes, you read that right – scheduling sex can actually be a game-changer! It really isn’t as weird as it sounds! There are many benefits to scheduling sex:

  1. It allows you both time to prepare and get ready for it mentally and physically.
  2. It alleviates all excuses.
  3. It eliminates the “when are we going to have sex” question for the higher desire spouse.
  4. It can be a great way to build anticipation and foreplay.

Treat it like any other important appointment in your calendar and prioritize it accordingly. Choose a day and time that works for both spouses, and make a commitment to honor that appointment. Scheduling sex will show each other that you are committed to your relationship.

Solution 2: Get Creative with Quickies

Who says great sex has to take hours? Quickies can be a fun and spontaneous way to connect with your spouse, even when time is short. Sneak away for a steamy rendezvous during your lunch break or while the kids are occupied with a movie. Remember, it’s not about the duration but the quality of the connection.

Solution 3: Make Multitasking Magic

Turn everyday activities into opportunities for intimacy. Shower together for a sensual start to the day, or spice up household chores by turning them into a playful game. The key is to infuse mundane tasks with flirtation and anticipation, keeping the spark alive throughout the day.

Taking a shower together has been a game changer in our marriage. Not only is it a great time to connect intimately, but also emotionally.

Check out this other great article titled: The Surprising Relationship Benefits Of Showering Together.

Solution 4: Prioritize Self-Care

Taking care of your own needs is essential for a fulfilling sex life. Prioritize self-care activities that make you feel confident, energized, and sexy. Whether it’s hitting the gym, indulging in a bubble bath, or simply getting enough rest, investing in yourself will pay dividends in the bedroom.

Solution 5: Communicate Openly

Communication is the bedrock of any healthy relationship, including sexual intimacy. Be open and honest with your spouse about your desires, fantasies, and boundaries. Discuss any obstacles or challenges that may be preventing you from making time for intimacy, and work together to find creative solutions.

You may also enjoy this podcast episode: 138. Sexpectations In Marriage.. And Why You Need To Talk About Them Together!

Sexpectations are the expectations you both have about sex in your marriage. This includes frequency of sexual intimacy, who initiates, foreplay, toys, what is ok and not ok, scheduled or spontaneous.. you get the point.

Discussing sexpectations together in your marriage is vital! How can you have better sexual intimacy (or anything else) if you don’t talk about it? Sex plays such an important role in marriage and you both need to be on the same page when it comes to sex. The more you discuss and talk about things in the bedroom, the more comfortable you are going to become, and the better the sexual intimacy will become in your marriage.

In this episode, Nick and Amy discuss what are good sexpectations, and the sexpectations they have in their marriage that work, especially since they both have different desire styles and drives. They also share specific ways to talk about your sexpectations and what you can do to have better sexual intimacy in your relationship.

Solution 6: Spice Things Up

Inject some excitement and novelty into your sex life by trying new things together. Experiment through sensual massage, try some new intimacy toys, or some fun intimacy games to ignite your passion and reignite the flames of desire. Remember, variety is the spice of life – and the bedroom!

Conclusion: Embrace the Adventure

Making time for sexual intimacy in your marriage may require some creativity, flexibility, and a healthy dose of spontaneity. Seize the moment, unleash your imagination, and embark on an adventure of pleasure and intimacy together!

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