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In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, time often becomes one of our most precious commodities. In a marriage, effectively managing time is not just about checking off tasks on a to-do list; it’s about investing in your relationship and nurturing the bond between you and your spouse.

When couples fail to balance their time or become consumed by busyness, it can have profound effects on their relationship. Let’s delve into why time management is vital in a marriage, what can happen when it’s overlooked, and ways to cultivate a healthier balance.

The Perils of Unbalanced Time and Over-busyness

When couples neglect to allocate quality time together, the foundation of their relationship weakens. Here’s what can occur when time isn’t managed effectively:

  1. Strained Connection: Insufficient time spent together leads to emotional distance and a weakened connection. Communication may become shallow or strained, hindering emotional intimacy.
  2. Diminished Intimacy: Lack of time for physical and emotional closeness may result in decreased intimacy, affecting the overall satisfaction and closeness in the relationship.
  3. Growing Apart: Over time, couples may find themselves growing apart as individual pursuits take precedence over shared moments. This often leads to a sense of drifting apart and feeling disconnected from each other’s lives.

Importance of Managing Time and Prioritizing Your Relationship

Time management in marriage isn’t solely about scheduling activities; it’s about making deliberate choices to invest in your relationship. Here’s why it matters:

  1. Strengthened Bond: Allocating quality time fosters a stronger emotional connection, reinforcing the foundation of your relationship.
  2. Enhanced Intimacy: Making time for each other cultivates and sustains emotional and physical intimacy, crucial for a healthy marriage.
  3. Prevents Drifting Apart: Prioritizing shared moments prevents the drift that can occur when partners lead increasingly separate lives, nurturing understanding and unity.

Effective Time Management Strategies for Couples

  1. Schedule Quality Time: Plan regular date nights or designated times for just the two of you. Ensure these moments are free from distractions, allowing for meaningful conversation and connection.
  2. Communication is Key: Open and honest communication about schedules, priorities, and expectations helps in finding a balance that suits both partners.
  3. Prioritize Shared Activities: Engage in activities you both enjoy, fostering shared experiences and memories. Whether it’s cooking together, going for walks, or pursuing mutual hobbies, these moments strengthen your bond.
  4. Set Boundaries and Limits: Establish boundaries around work, social commitments, and personal time to ensure there’s enough space for your relationship to thrive.

Preventing Drift and Strengthening Your Relationship

  1. Regular Check-ins: Have regular discussions about your relationship, goals, and aspirations. This helps identify any issues early and ensures you’re on the same page.
  2. Quality Over Quantity: It’s not just about the time spent together but the quality of that time. Being present and engaged is crucial for meaningful connection.
  3. Mutual Support: Encourage each other’s individual pursuits but always maintain a supportive stance. Balancing personal and shared aspirations is key.
  4. Seeking Help When Needed: If you notice signs of growing apart or struggling to manage time, seek professional help or counseling to navigate challenges and strengthen your bond.

We did a fantastic podcast on this subject which you should listen to titled: 146. Lacking Intimate Time? Why Managing And Balancing Your Time In Marriage Is So Important. Here is a summary:

Couples that have happy and successful marriages do a very good job at managing their time and priorities in their relationship. They prioritize the important things and put the less important things last on the list.

This is the opposite of what most couples do! Most couples fill their time with everything else and put their relationship last. Maybe they don’t do this intentionally, but it happens. They fill their day with all the other things and then are too tired to connect physically or emotionally.

It is amazing how many couples use the excuse that they are just too busy to spend time together, or too busy to fit sexual intimacy in their relationship. However, if you looked at the time they spent on their devices or doing other “time wasters” there would be plenty of time for the more important things. 

For most couples, balancing their relationship and managing their time is a problem. In this episode, Nick and Amy talk about the basic things couples can do to manage their time more efficiently and connect more as we couple.


Effective time management in marriage is a powerful investment that nurtures and sustains your relationship. It’s about consciously choosing to prioritize each other amidst life’s demands. By dedicating time, fostering open communication, and actively engaging in each other’s lives, couples can prevent the drift that often leads to a weakened bond. Remember, your relationship deserves the attention and effort required to flourish, so take proactive steps to manage time wisely and cultivate a thriving partnership that withstands the test of time.

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