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Yes, we do know something about sex, foreplay and how to have some of the best sex of your life. After all, we did create the Ultimate Intimacy App. But before you can have the most amazing sexual Intimacy of your life, you have to be in a good place emotionally and connected with your spouse.

You cannot have amazing sexual intimacy if you aren’t connected in other ways first. If you are not connected emotionally, spiritually and in other ways as a couple, get those aspects of your marriage in line before you read the rest of this article 🙂

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So for all of you that are reading this article wanting to know how you can have the most amazing sex of your life, here you go!


Foreplay is a critical aspect of any sexual encounter. It helps build anticipation, increases intimacy, and allows spouses to explore each other’s bodies in a way that can lead to more satisfying sexual experiences. Most couples skip the foreplay and just dive right into the sexual intimacy.

Try giving your spouse an intimate massage, or having naked movie night! These are great ways to drive each other crazy through foreplay and will make your sexual experience even that much more amazing!

Communication is key

During foreplay, talk to each other about what you like and what you don’t like. Share your fantasies with each other. This will help you both understand each other’s desires and create a more fulfilling experience.

As you communicate and talk about sex more openly, naturally you sexual intimacy will improve as well.

Take your time

Don’t rush into things too quickly, as this can kill the mood. Instead, take the time to explore each other’s bodies, kissing, touching, and caressing as you go. Give each other an intimate massage and spend alot of time getting to know each other bodies!

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Build anticipation

The longer you can do this the more build up you will both have. For many couples, the foreplay actually becomes more enjoyable than the orgasm when they learn to do foreplay the right way.

Try a bedroom game and some new positions

Download the Ultimate Intimacy App and play the bedroom game. The game was designed for couples to go back and forth and perform actions on each other in a very fun way. It starts off with romance, foreplay, and then moves into heavy foreplay and hot and heavy. Because couples take turns focusing on performing the actions on each other, the anticipation and build up is overwhelming.

The game can be customized to exactly what you like 🙂

Also trying new positions with over 200+ non graphic positions (on the iPhone version of the app) can help you find the perfect position and stimulation for you as a couple.

The first time we played the game was the most amazing sexual intimacy we have ever had as a couple and we felt like we experienced sexual intimacy the way it was meant to be.

Try a sex toy

Up until a few years ago, we were against sex tools/toys in our relationship, but much of that was due being uninformed, and worrying that it would take the place of something. However, nothing has been further from the truth, at least in our relationship.

As most women cannot orgasm from intercourse alone, a vibrator can be an amazing way to not only get her in the mood during foreplay, but also be a great asset during love making.

One of the things we love about a vibrator is it takes all the pressure off of both of you. If your husband finishes first, he can quickly take care of your needs so it takes a lot of pressure off of the love making or worrying about taking care if his wife’s needs. The vibrator pretty much guarantees that 🙂

This is by far the best one we have every used!

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Focus on her sexual desires and needs before your own

If you can make your wife happy in the bedroom, and when both spouses are sexually satisfied, nothing is better. Focus on your wife’s needs first in the bedroom before your own. When you are focusing all your attention on her, you aren’t worried about yourself or anything else.

So to conclude, if you want to take your sexual intimacy to another level, do the following things:

  1. Make sure the emotional intimacy and other aspects of your marriage are in a good place
  2. Communicate with each other about your sexual needs, desires, and everything in the bedroom.
  3. Take your time during foreplay. Remember that it takes a woman a lot longer to get turned on (for most women). Enjoy the journey together and build the anticipation. Give your spouse an intimate massage!
  4. Build anticipation.
  5. Try a new bedroom game or sex position.
  6. Try implementing a sex toy into your love making.

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