02 Jul

5 Best Sex Positions to Help You Orgasm

This article was used with permission from our friends at Christian Friendly Sex Positions

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For many women, an orgasm during intercourse is an elusive thing. In fact, two-thirds of all women find it hard or impossible to have an orgasm from intercourse alone! The reason for this is the easiest way for a woman to reach orgasm is through clitoral stimulation, and your clitoris is not in your vagina.

So what’s a girl to do if she wants to have an orgasm while making love to her husband? Here are our top 5 sex positions and tips to help you orgasm during intercourse.

1. Belly to Belly

Going belly to belly can give you just the right angle to reach the peaks of ecstasy with your husband inside you. Choose a sex position that allows you to grind on your husband’s pubic bone while he’s inside you. The clitoral stimulation from grinding on him is sure to bring you to the big “O”! The Reverse Grinding the Corn sex position or many wife-on-top positions make grinding on your husband easier. Try different positions until you find your favorite.

An illustration of the Reverse Grinding the Corn 2 sex position. This picture demonstrates how The Reverse Grinding the Corn 2 woman-on-top sex position generates excellent clitoral stimulation and a tight fit.

Getting Into the Reverse Grinding the Corn 2 Sex Pose

  1. Have your husband lay on his back with his legs slightly opened and flat on the bed.
  2. Lay on top of your husband with your legs between his.
  3. Lift your upper body and support it with your arms.
  4. Your husband can place his arms around your lower back and caress your body while making love.


Help your husband enter you and then make a front-to-back grinding motion while he’s fully in you. The grinding motion rubs your clitoris over his pubic cone and provides heavenly clitoral stimulation during intercourse. Your closed legs will create a more snug fit both you and your husband will enjoy.

2. She’s On Top

When you’re on top, you’re the one in control of the movement, depth, angle, and clitoral stimulation. This amount of control makes it much more likely that you’ll orgasm while making love to your husband. You have full control of the rhythm, angle of penetration, depth, and clitoral stimulation. Use this control to get exactly the stimulation you need to orgasm during sex with your husbandWe recommend the Cowgirl sex position, but you can try any woman-on-top sex positions and figure out which ones work best for you

.An illustration of the Cowgirl sex position. This picture demonstrates how Cowgirl is a woman-on-top sex position with great depth control, deep penetration, and clitoral stimulation.

Getting Into the Cowgirl Sex Pose

  1. The husband lies on his back on a flat soft surface.
  2. His wife straddles his pelvic area.


She allows her husband to enter her and then uses her legs to bounce up and down for deep penetration or slide front to back for clitoral stimulation while making love to her husband.

Tips for Full-Figured Couples

Cowgirl is an amazing sex position, but some overweight couples might find it hard to enjoy without this easy position adjustment.

  • Better Access: Lift his pelvis so gravity can pull his belly away from his pelvis and allow deeper penetration by placing a Liberator Wedge Sex Pillow with the high side facing his feet or a firm, folded pillow under his butt.

3. Rear Entry

Even though it might seem like your husband is in control when he gets behind you, the truth is that this type of sex position is actually great for you to enjoy a very intense orgasm, either via clitoral stimulation, g-spot stimulation, or both. We recommend the Doggy Style sex position for going for a g-spot orgasm. Here are a few tips that make having a g-spot orgasm easier using the rear-entry method.

  • Point your vulva towards him: Arch your back and rotate your pelvis out so your butt pokes out and your vulva points more at your husband. This changes the angle of penetration and makes g-spot stimulation more likely during intercourse.
  • Push back: When your husband is thrusting into you, push back so that he goes deeper and has more force.
  • Add clitoral stimulation: Use your fingers to stimulate your clitoris while making love to your husband for additional stimulation that might lead to the big “O.”
An illustration of the Doggy Style sex position. This picture demonstrates how Doggy Style, also known as

Getting Into the Doggy Style Sex Pose

  1. The wife gets on her hands and knees.
  2. Her husband kneels behind her so that he can enter her from behind.


The husband enters his wife from behind and makes love to her.

4. Husband On His Knees

This type of sex position will allow you to experience deeper penetration, and it’s easy for him—or you—to stimulate your clitoris as you lift your hips toward him. The angle of penetration also makes g-spot stimulation possible.

An illustration of the Best View sex position. This picture demonstrates how Best View is a sex position with wonderful g-spot stimulation, deep penetration, and a great view both partners can enjoy.

Getting Into the Best View Sex Position

  1. The wife lies on her back with a pillow under her neck and head.
  2. She spreads her legs and brings her knees about halfway up to her chest with her legs bent.
  3. The husband kneels before his wife with his knees near the sides of her bottom.
  4. He holds her knees to support her legs.


The husband enters his wife and then pushes his wife’s knees towards her chest to roll her pelvis back a little. He makes love to her while making sure the angle of her pelvis allows his penis to rub her g-spot. Slip a pillow under her bottom to help support it at an angle that stimulates her g-spot.

Tips for Full-Figured Couples

Overweight couples sometimes have a hard time enjoying the Best View Sex Position because it’s too difficult to roll her body back comfortably unless you use this simple position modification.

  • Better Support: Place a Liberator Wedge Sex Pillow with the high side facing him or a folded, firm pillow under her butt to help support her so you don’t have to apply so much pressure to her legs. You might not get as much lift from a wedge, but it will tilt her pelvis to the perfect angle for deep penetration and excellent g-spot stimulation.

5. Missionary with Help

Missionary-style sex positions may not be the first type of position you think of when it comes achieving an orgasm, but with the help of the right manual stimulation technique, it can be very satisfying. The Super Missionary Sex Position is very effective and uses a Liberator Jaz sex pillow positioning aid to tilt her clitoris forward which enables more clitoral stimulation while having sex.

Try the Super 8 missionary-style sex position along with the added stimulation from our tips below to have the big “O” while making love to your husband in the missionary sex position.

  • Use the Button Rub Intercourse Technique and stimulate your clitoris while making love to your husband.
  • Add additional stimulation to the Button Rub Technique by rubbing in a drop or two of clitoral tingling gel. The gel will add a tingling, warming, or cooling sensation to your manual stimulation.
  • If you have a really hard time orgasming, have your husband wear a vibrating ring on the base of his penis. The ring’s vibrator will stimulate your clitoris when he’s fully inserted. You’ll enjoy short buzzes when he’s thrusting and long, satisfying buzzing when he’s fully inserted and grinding.
An illustration of the Super 8 sex position. This picture demonstrates how Super 8 is a man-on-top sex position with deep penetration and great for plus-sized or pregnant partners.

Getting Into the Super 8 Sex Pose

  1. The wife lies on her back, possibly with a pillow or small wedge under her bottom to change-up the angle a little and enable g-spot stimulation.
  2. Her husband lies on top of her and supports his upper body with his arms stretched straight out.
  3. She wraps her legs around his and she can hold onto his hips to help guide his thrusts.


The husband enters his wife and makes love to her. She can arch up to meet his movements while they make love.

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