02 Nov

While couples may face various challenges together, one often overlooked aspect of maintaining a happy marriage is recognizing and eliminating toxic friendships and individuals from your life.

Toxic people can exert a damaging influence on your relationship, and in this article, we’ll explore the ways they can negatively impact your marriage and discuss effective strategies for removing them from your life.

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Most of us probably have people in our lives that are toxic to us and bring us down. Not only do they have a negative impact on us individually, but often that travels home with us and can impact our marriage in a bad way. Toxic people could be in-laws, brothers, sisters, relatives, friends, co workers and other people we associate with.

In this episode, Nick and Amy discuss how to identify someone who is toxic, the difference between a healthy person and a toxic person, and why it is some important to recognize how the toxic behavior is impacting you and your relationship, and how to distance yourself from them for not only your happiness, but also your marriage and its long term happiness. They also share personal experiences they have had in their lives.

The Toll of Toxic Relationships on Your Marriage

  1. Draining Energy and Happiness: Toxic individuals often bring negativity, drama, and emotional baggage into your life. Constantly dealing with their issues and drama can drain your emotional energy, leaving you with less positivity to invest in your marriage.
  2. Undermining Trust and Security: Toxic friends or family members may sow seeds of doubt, creating trust issues in your marriage. They may gossip or interfere in your relationship, making it challenging to maintain a sense of security and intimacy with your spouse.
  3. Stress and Conflict: Toxic people can be a source of stress and conflict in your life. Their manipulative or self-centered behaviors can lead to arguments and disagreements within your marriage, creating unnecessary tension.
  4. Neglecting Your Spouse: Time spent dealing with toxic individuals is time taken away from nurturing your marriage. Your spouse may feel neglected, and this can strain your relationship over time.

Ways to Remove Toxic People from Your Life

  1. Set Boundaries: Establish clear boundaries with toxic individuals. Let them know what behavior is unacceptable and communicate the consequences of crossing those boundaries. Be firm but polite in asserting your needs.
  2. Limit Contact: Gradually reduce contact with toxic individuals. This may involve unfollowing or unfriending them on social media, filtering their emails, or simply distancing yourself physically.
  3. Seek Support: Share your concerns with a trusted friend, therapist, or counselor. They can offer guidance and emotional support as you navigate the process of removing toxic people from your life.
  4. Choose Your Battles: Sometimes, it’s not worth engaging in arguments or confrontations with toxic individuals. Prioritize your mental health and well-being by disengaging from unnecessary conflicts.
  5. Build a Supportive Network: Surround yourself with positive and supportive friends and family members who uplift you and your marriage. Strengthening these connections can help fill the void left by toxic individuals.
  6. Professional Help: In some cases, it may be necessary to seek legal or professional assistance, especially if the toxic person poses a threat to your well-being or your marriage. Restraining orders or legal action may be required.
  7. Self-Care: Focus on self-care to rebuild your emotional strength. Engage in activities that bring you joy, practice mindfulness, and consider therapy or counseling to heal from the emotional wounds inflicted by toxic individuals.


A happy and healthy marriage requires a positive and nurturing environment, free from the toxicity that can harm your relationship. Toxic friendships and individuals can negatively impact your marriage by draining your energy, undermining trust, causing stress, and neglecting your spouse.

Removing toxic people from your life is not only an act of self-preservation but also a way to safeguard your marriage’s well-being. By setting boundaries, limiting contact, seeking support, choosing your battles, building a supportive network, and prioritizing self-care, you can create a happier and more harmonious marriage. Remember that you deserve to surround yourself with people who enhance your life rather than detract from it.

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