27 Jun

There is nothing worse than after a long day of work dealing with people, or a long day at home dealing with little people, than finally heading off to bed together to find that your room is just a reminder of more cleaning and more work you must do. You thought you were finally going to relax but your room tells you a whole other story.
It doesn’t have to be that way!              

For starters, your bed must be comfortable and nice. 
I’m sure that women everywhere will agree that the best way to do this is by adding some pillows. Pillows are a simple way for your bed to say, “Look how pretty and cozy I am! Come on in!”  They’re also a great way to make seasonal changes to your room as well. 
If you can’t do anything else, get yourself a nice comforter and some good pillows because your bed is your place of comfort, rest, and intimacy. Your marriage bed should be a desirable place to be.

It will also serve your room and marriage well to invest in good lighting. This doesn’t have to be anything fancier than a simple lamp in your room. You just want to have a way to set the mood by dimming the lights. Dim lights help to calm things down and begin your shut down process for the night. They can also help stir up some romance by changing the mood of the room. 

Another way to help your room become a place of calm is to declutter. If you don’t love it or need it, it doesn’t belong in your bedroom. Your room cannot become a catch all for unfolded laundry, kids toys or things to attend to later. If you must have a place for those things, pick anywhere else aside from your room. It would be better for company to come over and need to slide some laundry and kid’s stuff over on the couch than it would be to keep it in your room. Your home is ok if it looks lived in, your bedroom should be peaceful and sacred. 

You also want your room to remind you of the sweet parts of your marriage. A simple way to do that is to hang some pictures of just the two of you. Print your favorite pictures from your vacations or date nights and give them a place on your wall or on your nightstand. Let your room be a place that makes it easy to remember your love for one another. 

Finally, make sure it smells good! Get an essential oil diffuser or have some candlesChoose a relaxing or mood enhancing scent like lavender and before bed each night, fill up your room with this scent. Not only will it be pleasurable, it will also be a trigger for your brain that tells it to slow down because it’s time for bed.

Life is busy, chaotic and at times overwhelming, you don’t need your room to be. Make your room a place for the two of you to unwind in, relax in, and reconnect – both physically and emotionally. You won’t regret it.

And if you want one more thing to connect you in the bedroom, we recommend our devotional that’s just for couples, the Newlywed Couple’s Devotional, for newlyweds and newlywed wannabe’s. It’s sure to increase your communication and connection. 

This article was reposted and used with permission from Expedition Marriage

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