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Ladies, do you feel like your husband only desires you for sexual intimacy? As you know, we love doing polls to find out what married couples really think so we conducted a poll among our followers, and the results were surprising.

We asked the following question:

Have there been times where you feel like your only desired for sexual intimacy?

62% said YES!

This high percentage highlights the importance of addressing this issue within marriages and finding ways to enhance emotional connections.

In this article we’ll explore the reasons behind why so many women feel this way, and discuss how couples can strengthen their emotional connections. But before we dive in, check out the amazing podcast we did on this subject titled: 196. Are There Times When You Feel Like Your Husband Only Want’s You For Sex? Hear The Shocking Poll Results And The Reasons Why So Many Women Feel This Way.

Understanding Different Perspectives

Different individuals in various relationships may experience this issue differently. Some may feel that their spouse’s want them for sex alone, while others may feel unappreciated for the roles they play in the relationship beyond sexual intimacy.

It is important to recognize men and women have different perspectives on sex because men and women are typically wired differently and react to sex in a different way. Men typically have very high desires while women often have a low desire for sex.

If it important to understand how each other feel and react to sex, and communicate about sex and desires together.

Check out this great article: How Men And Women Are Different When It Comes To Sex.

The “Sex Is Just for Him” Perception

One common reason behind feeling like your spouse only wants you for sex is the perception that sexual intimacy is solely for your spouse’s benefit. It’s natural for women, especially, to feel this way, particularly if their libido is not as high as their husband’s. However, it’s crucial to understand that sexual intimacy is a two-way street and serves as a means of connection and vulnerability for both spouses.

Initiating Non-Sexual Touch

To bridge this gap in understanding, couples should initiate open communication. For example, if a wife prefers non-sexual touch on days when they’re not making love, she can express her needs to her husband.

It’s essential to communicate what would make both spouses feel loved and appreciated. Remember, it’s not just one person’s responsibility; both of you play a role in maintaining intimacy.

Affection vs. Expectations

Another common issue is the perception that all affection received is linked to the desire for sex. Sometimes husbands may hesitate to show affection when they sense their wives might interpret it as an attempt to initiate sex.

This creates a delicate balance that needs open dialogue. Husbands and wives should discuss their expectations and find ways to express affection that align with their desires and comfort levels.

Understanding Non-Verbal Cues

In many marriages, spouses can pick up on non-verbal cues that indicate a desire for intimacy. These cues can include subtle changes in behavior, increased physical touch, or even requests for earlier bedtimes. Understanding these cues requires attentiveness and communication to ensure both spouses feel their needs are being met.

The Importance of Mutual Effort

It’s essential to recognize that maintaining a healthy emotional and sexual connection in a marriage requires effort from both of you. One person cannot carry the burden of initiating intimacy or addressing relationship issues alone. Open, honest conversations and a willingness to meet each other’s needs are key to creating a fulfilling and connected marriage.


Feeling like your spouse only wants you for sex can be a challenging issue within a marriage. However, it’s a topic that needs to be addressed openly and honestly. By understanding each other’s perspectives, initiating non-sexual touch, and recognizing the importance of mutual effort, couples can strengthen their emotional connection and create a more fulfilling and balanced intimate life.

Remember, it’s a journey that both spouses embark on together, striving for a healthier, more connected marriage.

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