28 Oct

Communication is the cornerstone of any successful marriage. It’s the bridge that connects two people on an emotional, intellectual, and practical level. When communication begins to break down or is lacking in a marriage, it can have profound and often negative consequences. As we say often, almost anything can be resolved with good communication in a marriage.

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We talk about communication often, but there is a reason why. When couples contact us about issues they are dealing with in their relationship, or how they want to improve something, the first question we ask is “have to talked to your spouse?”
Almost every response the answer is “well no, I haven’t.” It is amazing how many couples can’t and don’t communicate how they are feeling for fear of rejection or having it cause an argument.
We believe almost every issue can be resolved with good communication. In this episode, Nick and Amy talk about “how” to communicate, and the things couples can do do make their communication a lot better, and have a lot less conflict. There are some sarcastic and joking conversations in this episode, and we have some fun with them.
Even if you feel you have good communication in your relationship, there are tips in this episode that will be greatly beneficial. This episode is a must listen for all couples looking to improve their marriage and communication.

In this article, we’ll explore what happens in a marriage when there’s a lack of communication, including making solo decisions, diminished teamwork, a sense of detachment, lack of support, and a weakening of the connection.

Making Decisions on Your Own

In a healthy marriage, major decisions are typically made jointly, with both spouses providing input and working together to reach a consensus. However, when communication falters, one or both spouses may start making important decisions independently. This can lead to a lack of trust and feelings of exclusion.

Failing to Work as a Team

Successful marriages thrive on collaboration and teamwork. When communication breaks down, the sense of unity and cooperation can wane. Tasks and responsibilities may become imbalanced, leading to frustration, resentment, and feelings of being unsupported.

Feeling More Like Roommates

One of the most significant consequences of a lack of communication in a marriage is that it can transform the relationship into something that feels more like a roommate situation than a loving partnership. Couples may find themselves coexisting under the same roof without truly connecting emotionally or romantically.

Lack of Support

Effective communication allows spouses to express their needs, concerns, and vulnerabilities. Without it, the emotional support system within the marriage weakens. Feelings of isolation and a lack of understanding can prevail, making it challenging to weather the storms of life together.

A Loosening of the Connection

A strong, enduring connection between spouses relies heavily on open, meaningful communication. When that connection is compromised, the bond between spouses can weaken. Emotional intimacy may decline, leading to a sense of emotional distance or disconnection.

Imagine Sarah and David, a married couple in their early thirties. They’ve been together for several years and have two young children. In the early days of their marriage, they communicated openly, discussing their goals, dreams, and concerns. They felt like a team, supporting each other in both small and significant decisions.

However, as time passed, their communication began to deteriorate. Sarah, feeling overwhelmed by her responsibilities as a mother and her part-time job, started making decisions about their children’s activities and schedules without consulting David. She believed she was making these decisions in the best interest of their family, but David felt left out and unimportant.

This lack of communication extended to their finances as well. Sarah began managing their finances on her own, making decisions about spending and savings without involving David. While she believed she was being responsible, David felt like he had no say in their financial future.

Over time, Sarah and David began to feel more like roommates than a married couple. They rarely had meaningful conversations, and their emotional connection began to weaken. The lack of support and understanding between them led to arguments and resentment.

Eventually, they realized that their marriage was suffering due to their lack of communication. They decided to seek the help of a marriage counselor who guided them in improving their communication skills. Through therapy, they learned to listen actively to each other, express their needs and concerns, and make decisions together as a team.

As Sarah and David worked on rebuilding their communication, they started to feel more connected and supported. They learned to value each other’s perspectives and began to make joint decisions about their family, finances, and future. Their marriage strengthened, and they once again felt like partners in life, not just cohabitants.

This example illustrates how a lack of communication can lead to making decisions independently, a feeling of being roommates, a lack of support, and a loosening of the connection in a marriage. Fortunately, with effort and a commitment to better communication, couples can work through these issues and rebuild a healthier, more connected relationship.


A lack of communication is like a silent intruder that can slowly erode the foundation of a marriage. It can result in partners feeling isolated, unsupported, and disconnected from each other. To prevent these negative consequences, couples must actively work on improving their communication skills.

Effective communication involves active listening, expressing thoughts and feelings honestly, and making an effort to understand each other’s perspectives. Couples can also seek help from therapists or counselors if they find themselves trapped in a pattern of poor communication.

In the end, open and honest communication is the lifeline that keeps a marriage vibrant, connected, and resilient in the face of challenges. It’s the key to building a strong and lasting partnership based on trust, understanding, and mutual respect.

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