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Listen to the podcast episode 20 “What Husbands Wish Their Wive’s Knew About Sex”

Many marriages fall apart because of an inability to meet each other’s sexual needs. Sex and money are the main causes of divorce. Also arguments or misunderstandings occur regarding sex and intimacy between couple’s because one spouse assumes they know how the other person feels, or they make assumptions about why their spouse is doing something.

Or they might act a certain way, and if we truly knew how our spouse felt it could change so many things, so what a great subject to help wive’s understand what their husbands “really” think, and what they (husbands) want their wife’s to know about sex. WE UNDERSTAND THAT NOT “ALL” HUSBANDS FALL INTO THESE CATEGORIES OR FEEL THE SAME WAYS AS STATED IN THIS ARTICLE, AND THERE ARE ALWAYS SOME EXCEPTIONS.

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Husbands don’t like being the only one’s who are always asking for and initiating sex

In most relationships, it is the husband that is initiating sex with his wife. Husband’s feel like they have to beg for sex with their spouse and they often feel like their wife’s are just “putting up with sex” and feel that it is not important to them or they don’t really care about sex.

It is every man’s dream and fantasy to have his wife initiate sex and show him how much they want him and desire him sexually (throw him against the wall and have her way with him). Most men are ok with being the initiator most the time, but if you want to blow his mind, try initiating sex with him more often and show him how much you want him sexually.

Sex is something that a husband needs to survive. Just like breathing and eating

A man needs sex like he needs food and air to survive. This may sound really crazy, and of course he will physically not die, but most men cannot and will not be happy in a relationship unless he is being intimate with his spouse. Guys are always thinking about being intimate with their spouse and it is something always on their mind.

This is not because your man is a sex addict or anything, but because he wants to connect with his spouse, and being intimate which is a man’s way to show and receive love. Also, sex to a man is like a good conversation to a woman.

Imagine what would happen or how would you feel if your husband didn’t talk to you or communicate with your for a month, or even weeks? How would that make you feel about your relationship and about him? If a man is receiving frequent sex, he will be a happy man and probably do anything to make his wife happy 🙂

The things sex does for a man

A way to connect – When a husband comes home from a long stressful day of work or whatever it may be, and the first thing on his mind is sex, again, its not because he is a sex addict but he is just longing to be with his wife and connect with her. Husbands NEED to connect with their wive’s and sex is an amazing way to do so.

A stress reliever – Sex is an amazing stress reliever for a man as it raises endorphins and other hormones that can boost their mood. Studies have also been shown that sex can prevent increases in blood pressure in stressful events. Stress is a way for a man to take is mind of things and focus 100% of his attention on his wife.

Builds Confidence – Nothing builds a man’s confidence more than being intimate with his wife and taking care of her needs sexually. A man can be feeling very down, lonely and frustrated but sex can turn his life around and give him a boost of confidence like you couldn’t imagine. Want to see a confident husband? Make love to him often and he will be a changed man.

Your husband thinks you are absolutely gorgeous and wants you bad!

Your husband could care less about how your make up looks, your baby stretch marks or other insecurities you may have. He looks at you and thinks you are the hottest woman in the world! Don’t dismiss this or think he is just telling you that.

There are millions of others he could have married, but he married you and fell in love with you and thinks you are amazing! Accept his compliments and the things he says about you and most importantly, believe them!

Your husband wants you to know that he wants to see you naked and be intimate with you, and doesn’t care about your imperfections like you do…. This is the way God made him. You are your husbands only sexual source (and he is your only sexual source), so enjoy each other!

When you are getting ready for bed, dressed for the day, in the shower or whatever it may be, don’t hide your body from him, let him see and admire the most amazing body he’s ever seen that is all his to admire. Dont withhold your beauty from him.

Men take rejection very hard

Men take rejection very hard and personal, and sometimes feel they are having to beg their wive’s for sex, so when they get rejected, it is a huge blow to their self confidence as they feel like it is something personal or wrong with them. They also feel like their wife doesn’t love them if they don’t want to be intimate.

Guys have a way to make sexual rejection a personal rejection which causes more issues. That doesn’t mean that a wife has to give into sex whenever their husbands want it, but be mindful of “how” you tell hour husband your are not wanting to be intimate or why you are not in the mood instead of just telling him NO.

If a husband has been thinking about sex all day and working up the nerve to ask and his wife is not in the mood, there are other ways she can show her husband she cares about him.

One way a wife could tell her husband she is not in the mood is “not tonight” but tomorrow morning (or give him another time). She could also take care of him in other ways without having sex. Wive’s…. you will be the most amazing person in the world in your husbands eyes and show him that you care even if you cant offer him sex at that time.

A husband wants to please his wife in bed more than anything

There is nothing in the world that would please or make a husband more happy than pleasing his wife sexually. He wants to take care of you sexually and make it AMAZING for his wife.

So ladies, open up with your husband about what you want in bed, your sexual fantasy with him or whatever it may be. He wants to please you more than himself. He just needs to know what you want or “how” to turn you on and give you the most amazing sex you have ever had. Many women think husbands are selfish and just want to get taken care of themselves, and don’t care about their sexual needs.

Nothing could be further from the truth for most husbands. Husband’s just sometimes need some direction and know what our wife wants. A husband thinks if it turns him on and feels good to him, then it probably feels good to his wife and we know that is not usually the case, so again, be open with your husband about what you want in the bedroom and he will be more than willing to do everything he can to take care of you!

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